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Student Highlights

Check out an article from the College of Medicine about some of our students: "OSU Students Forge Careers in Biomedical Science Research"

Summer 2019

Christina Knippler

Spring 2019

Ellen Lubbers

Juan Barajas

Luxi Chen

Advisor: Michael Caligiuri & Aharon Freud

Alecia Blaszczack

Autumn 2018

​Shaneice Mitchell

Advisors: John Byrd & Rosa Lapalombella

"Nicotinamide phosphoribosyltransferase as a therapeutic target in AML"

Summer 2018

Samantha Ohmer

Megan20Duggan.jpgAdvisor: Christopher Walker

Spring 2018

Zachary Hing

Autumn 2017

Summer 2017

Spring 2017

  Linan Wang

Advisor: Mike Freitas

  Vivek Chowdhary


Stephen Bergin

Advisor: Michael Caligiuri

Tatevik Broutian

Advisor: Maura L. Gillison

Andrew Stiff

Advisor: William E. Carson III

Autumn 2016 PhD Recipients

Chromatin-associated APC tumor suppressor protein antagonizes canonical WNT repression of the MALL gene

Summer 2016 PhD Recipients

Eric Pozsgai

Advisor: Louise Rodino-Klapac

"Adeno-Associated Virus Mediated B-Sarcoglycan Gene Replacement Therapy for the Treatment of Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy"

Spring 2016 PhD Recipients


Ashley Jackson

Advisor: Kirk Mchugh

Elizabeth McMichael

Advisor: William Carson 





Steven Scoville

Advisor: Michael Caligiuri





Parker Woods

Advisor: Ian Davis 





Autumn 2015 PhD Recipients

Kyle Caution

Advisor: Amal Amer 



Jacqueline Corry


Advisor: Mark E. Peeples




Sara Johnson

sara johnson n.jpg

Advisor: Mark E. Peeples

Summer 2015 PhD Recipients

Sarah Fritz

AdamHinzeyPhoto(1).jpgAdvisor: Courtney DeVries




Kathryn Husarek

Husarek.jpgAdvisor: Pamela Lucchesi




Christie McCracken

Advisor: W. James Waldman




Carolyn Paisie 

Advisor: Kay Huebner




Catherine Wate rs

CatherineWatersphoto.jpgAdvisor: Kay Huebner


Spring 2015

Advisor: Ramesh Ganju



Advisor: Wolfgang Sadee

helongzhaopic.jpgAdvisor: Ramesh Ganju


Autumn 2014 PhD Recipients



Nathan Dissinger

Dissinger-Nathan.jpgAdvisor: Patrick Green 




Andrew Koemeter-Cox

Koemeter-Cox-Andrew (1).jpgAdvisor: Dr. Kirk Mykytyn




Adam Rauckhorst 

Adam RauckhorstAdvisor: Douglas Pfeiffer 




Estevan A. Santana 

Santana-Estevan.jpgAdvisor: Dr. Robert S. Munson 




Elizabeth Stofko-Barrie  

Beth-Stofko.jpgAdvisor: Dr. Wolfgang Sadee


Summer 2014 PhD Recipients

Dominique Hope Limoli 

Dominique-Limoli.jpgAdvisor: Daniel Wozniak 


Jessica Rose Napolitano

Napolitano-Jessica.jpgAdvisor: Dr. Daren Knoell


Bin Ni

binni.jpgAdvisor: Larry Schlesinger

"Immunoregulation of host macrophage responses by Mycobacterium tuberculosis"


Spring 2014 PhD Recipients

Julie Ann Dougherty

Julie-Dougherty-2.jpgAdvisor: Dr. Daniel R. Schoenberg


Peter Jukkola 

PeterJukkolapic.jpgAdvisor: Dr. Chen Gu

"The Role of K+ Ion and Water Channels is an Animal Model of Multiple Sclerosis"

Nima Milani-Nejad 

Nimamilani.jpgAdvisor: Dr. Paul M.L. Janssen 



Benjamin Nixon

Nixon-Benjamin.jpgAdvisor: Brandon J. Biesiadecki

"Effect of Post-translational Modification Crosstalk on Thin Filament Regulatory Function in Striated Muscle"


James Perry

imagesCAVR2KR8.jpgAdvisor: Dr. Arnab Chakravarti 

Forrest Raffel 

Forrest-Raffel.jpgAdvisor: Dr. Kevin Mason

"Haemophilus Sap transporter dependant mechanisms to resist host innate and nutritional immunity influences NTHI pathogenesis" 



Autumn 2013 PhD Recipients

Chelsea Bolyard 

chelseabolyard.jpgAdvisor: Dr. Balveen Kaur

"Oncolytic Virus Therapy in Combination with Chemotherapy for Ovarian Cancer"



 Heather Costello

 Heather-Costello.jpgAdvisor: Dr. Mark Peeples

"The N500 Glycan of the Respiratory Syncytial Virus F Protein is Required for Fusion, but not for Stabilization or Triggering of the Protein"

 Devyn Gillette

Advisor: Dr. Susheela Tridandpani

"Characterization of Inadequate Host Responses to Intracellular Gram-negative Bacterial Pathogens"



Sean Harshman

Harshman-Sean.jpgAdvisor: Dr. Michael A. Freitas

"Characterization of Histone H1 and Extracellular Vesicles by Mass Spectrometry"

 Kelly Johnson

kelly-nye.jpgAdvisor: Dr. Traci Wilgus 

"Direct effects of VEGF on keratinocyte function during skin carcinogenesis and wound healing"



Christopher J. Jones  

Jones-Chris.jpgAdvisor: Dr. Daniel Wozniak

"AmrZ Is a Central Regulator of Biofilm Formation in Pseduomonas aeruginosa"




Suman Kanji 

Kanji20Suman.pngAdvisors: Dr. Sujit Basu and Dr. Hiranmoy Das

"Nanofiber-expanded human umbilical cord blood derived CD34+ stem cell-mediated wound healing and underlying mechanisms"

Joanna Marshall  

 Advisor: Dr. John S. GunnJoanna-Marshall.jpg

 Christopher Penton

chrispenton.jpgAdvisor: Dr. Federica Montanaro

"In Vitro Differentiation of Muscle Side Population Cells from Dystrophic Muscle Reveals Absence of Myogenesis and Implications for Hedgehog Signaling"



Brenda Reader

BrendaReaderresized.jpgAdvisor: Dr. John F. Sheridan

"Social Stress Induces Immunoenhancement During Allergic Airway Inflammation and Infection"


  Dawn Walker

Dawn-Walker-2.jpgAdvisor: Dr. Mark E. Drew

William Willis

imagesCAVR2KR8.jpgAdvisor: Dr. Art Strauch 

"YB-1 Stress-Response Protein Conformation Implicated in Post-transcriptional Control of Myofibroblast Differentiation"





Summer 2013 PhD Recipients

Edward Briercheck

burnsAdvisor: Dr. Michael Caligiuri

"Elucidation of the Mechanism by which Phosphotase and Twnsin Homologue Deleted on Chromosome Ten (PTEN) Regulaters Natural Killer Cell Function"

Joshua Oaks

freyerinAdvisor : Dr. Danilo Perrotti

Ira Racoma

alenachristinaAdvisor: Dr. Altaf Wani

"Targeting Glioblastoma Survival Signaling: A Novel Mechanism of Action of Thymoquinone"

 Nicholas Zorko

mccartysamanthaAdvisor: Dr. Michael Caligiuri

"The role of the mixed lineage leukemia partial tandem duplication in acute myeloid leukemogenesis"

Spring 2013 PhD Recipients

Erin Burns

burnsAdvisor: Dr. Tatiana Oberyszyn

"Men and Women Are Not Just From Different Plants: The Role of Sex-Based Differences in the Prevention of Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer"

Erin Frey

freyerinAdvisor : Dr. Candice Askwith

"Acid-Sensing Ion Channels: Targets for Neuropeptide Modulation and Neuronal Damage"

Alena Jaime-Ramirez

alenachristinaAdvisor: Dr. William Carson, III

"The NK Cell-mediated Anti-tumor Effects of a Folate-conjugated Immunoglobulin are Enhanced by Cytokines"

Samantha McCarty

mccartysamanthaAdvisor: Dr. Matthew Ringel

"A Novel Braf Signaling Cascade Through p-21 Activated Kinases Regulates Thyroid Cancer Cell Motility"

Pier Paolo Peruzzi

peruzziAdvisor: Dr. E. Antonio Chiocca

"MiR-128 controls the activity of Polycomb Repressor Complexes 1 and 2 in Neural Stem Cells: Implications of its loss in gliomagnesis"

Joshua Salvidar

saldivarAdvisor: Dr. Kay Huebner

"The Origin of Genome Instability in Cancer: Role of the Fragile Site Gene Product FHIT"

Autumn 2012 PhD Recipients

Reeva Aggarwal

Advisor: Dr. Hiranmoy Das

"Mechanisms of Human CF34+ Stem Cell-Mediated Regulation of Osteoporosis in a Pre-Clinical Model"

Houda Alachkar

Advisor: Dr. Guido Marcucci

"Novel Biological Ingishts and Therapeutic Approaches in High-Risk Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML): "SPARC Contributes to Leukemia Growth and Aggressive Disease in AML""

Rodney Britt

Advisor: Dr. Lynette Rogers

"The Role of Cyclooxygenase-2 in Newborn Hyperoxic Lung Injury"

April Gocha

Advisor: Dr. Joanna Groden

"Mechanisms of alternative telomere elongation in human cancer cells"

Jill Green

Advisor: Dr. Kirk Mykytyn

"Characterization of Neruonal Primary Cilia in Cellular Homeostasis and Disease"

Sean Little

Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Davis

"The Role of Troponin C in the Heart"

Chrisopher Lucas

Advisor: Dr. Virginia Sanders

"Prohibitins and the Cytoplasmic Domain of CD86 Cooperate to Mediate CD86 Signaling in B Lymphocytes"

Ananth Narayanan

Advisor: Dr. Petra Schmalbrock

"Pharmacological Modulation of Functional Connectivity in Neuropsychological Disorders"

Steve Roof

Advisor: Dr. Mark Ziolo

"Neruonal Nitric Oxide Synthase Signaling Contributes to the Beneficial Cardiac Effects of Exercise"

Nikki Seagraves

Advisor: Dr. Kim McBride

"Characterization of Cardiac Teratogenicity in a Mouse Model of Maternal Phenylketonuria"

Jessica Slabaugh

Advisor: Dr. Paul Janssen

"The Occurence of Alternans and Arrythmias in a Multicellular, Cardiac Preparation"

Summer 2012 PhD Recipients

Xun Lan

Xun LanAdvisor: Dr. Victor Jin

"Uncover Transcription Factor Networks by Integrating One Dimensional 'Omics and Three Dimensional Chromatin Structure"

Josh Cyktor

Joshua CyktorAdvisor: Dr. Joanne Turner

"Immune Correlates of Resistance and Susceptibility to Tuberculosis"

Richard Price

Richard PriceAdvisor: Dr. E. Antonio Chiocca

"The Role of Cytomegalovirus in Glioblastoma and Rhabdomyosarcoma"

Spring 2012 PhD Recipients

Neha Singhal

Neha SinghalAdvisor: Dr. Paul T. Martin

"Distinct roles of synaptic GaINAc transferases. Galgt1 and Galgt2, in muscle Biology"

Levy Austin Reyes

Levy ReyesAdvisor: Dr. Jay L. Zweier

"New Mechanisms for Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase Dysfunction in the Isolated Rat Heart"

Kenny Roman

Advisor: Dr. Robert Stephens, Jr.

"GLT-1 Over-Expression Attenuates Bladder and Colonic Nociception by Either Pharmacological or Gene Therapy Approach"

Fatemeh Talebian

Advisor: Dr. Xue-Feng Bai

"CD200-CD200R Interaction in Tumor Immunity"

Carolyn Marion

Carolyn MarionAdvisor: Dr. Samantha King

"Modification and Utilization of Carbohydrates by Streptococcus pneumoniae"

Kaylan Haizlip

Advisor: Dr. Paul Janssen

"Manipulations and Alterations of the Force-Frequency Response in Isolated Cardiac Muscle"

Patrick Grierson

Patrick GriersonAdvisor: Dr. Joanna Groden

"The BLM helicase facilitates RNA polymerase I-mediated ribosomal RNA transcription"

Alison Lyon

Alison LyonAdvisor: Dr. Christine E. Beattie

"Generation and Analysis of Motor Neuron Disease Models in Zebrafish"

Adam Kimball Bevan

Adam BevanAdvisor: Dr. Brian K. Kaspar

"AAV-based approaches for modeling and treating spinal muscular atrophy"

Sarwish Rafiq

Sarwish RafiqAdvisor: Dr. John C. Byrd

"Evaluation of Antibody-based Therapeutics for B cell Malignancies"

Susan McClory

Susan McCloryAdvisor: Dr. Michael Caligiuri

"Extrathymic T cell development in the human tonsil"

Sarah Stevens

Sarah StevensAdvisor: Dr. Loren E. Wold

"Calcium and Cancer: Implications for Cardiovascular Function and Disease"

Winter 2012 PhD Recipients

Rebecca Allen

Rebecca AllenAdvisor: Dr. John Sheridan

"Macrophage microbicidal activity is enhanced by stressor-exposure"

Bryan Anthony

Bryan AnthonyAdvisor: Dr. Gregg Hadley

"The Role of CD102 Expression in Promoting Intestinal Graft Versus Host Disease"

Kristen Smith

Kristen SmithAdvisor: Dr. Caroline Whitacre

"MicroRNAs in multiple sclerosis: a study of the effects on T cell trafficking and effector function"

Autumn 2011 PhD Recipients

Dennis Horvath

Dennis HorvathAdvisor: Dr. Sheryl Justice

"The Impact of Phagocyte-UPEC Interactions Upon Pathogenesis of Urinary Tract Infections"

Huizi Chen

Huizi ChenAdvisor: Gustavo Leone, PhD

"Atypical E2Fs link Mammalian Endocycle Control to Cancer"

Gina Mavrikis Cox

Gina Mavrikis CoxAdvisor: Dr. Caroline C. Whitacre

“Macrophage migration inhibitory factor: a study of the effects on the central nervous system microenvironment in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis” 

Summer 2011 PhD Recipients

Dan Xu

Advisor: Christopher M. Walker, PhD

"Cellular Immunity in Adeno-Associated Virus Mediated Gene Therapy”

Sara Fischer

Advisor: Clay B. Marsh, MD

“Electrospun Nanofiber Scaffolds as a Model  of the Lung Microenvironment  in Pulmonary Fibrosis"

Bethany Mundy

Advisor: William E. Carson,III, MD

"Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells in Tumor Immunology”

Jessica Williams

Advisor: Caroline C. Whitacre, PhD

“Pregnancy­associated Effects on Immune Modulation and Neuroprotection in a Model of Multiple Sclerosis: Role of T Cells and Serum Exosomes” 

Alan J. Smith

Advisor: Amy Lovett-Racke PhD

“IL-23 Receptor Expression and Effects of Signaling on T Cell Encephalitogenicity”

Dustin Donnelly

Advisor: Dr. Dennis Guttridge, PhD

“Tailoring the heterogeneous macrophage response to spinal cord injury towards neuroprotection”

Georgia Triantafillou

Advisor: John Byrd

CD74 Targeted Nanoparticles as Dexamethasone Delivery System for  B lymphoid Malignancies 

Besma Abbaoui

Advisor: Steven K. Clinton, MD, PhD

“Broccoli Isothiocyanates as Chemopreventive Agents and Epigenetic Modulators of Bladder Cancer” 

Spring 2011 PhD Recipients

Jordan Jensen

Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey Kuret, PhD

“Development of Tau-Selective Imaging Agents for Improved Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Tauopathies” 

Olga Malykhina

Advisor: Dr. Mark Peeples, PhD

Christopher Alvarez-Breckenridge

Advisor: Antonio Chiocca, MD PhD

“The Role of Natural Killer Cells in the Context of Oncolytic Simplex Virtotherapy for Glioblastoma”  

Jayson Hardcastle

Advisor: Balveen-Kaur PhD

“Vstat120 augments oncolytic viral therapy of Glioblastoma multiforme by reducing tumor angiogenesis and modulating the innate microglia/monocyte pro-inflammatory response.”

Christopher J. Traynham

Advisor: Mark T. Ziolo, PhD

“Effects of Neuronal Nitric Oxide Synthase Signaling on Myocyte Contractile Function” 

Tiffany Hughes

Advisor: Michael A. Caliguiri, MD

“The stage-specific effects of IL-1β on human natural killer cell development.” 

Winter 2011 PhD Recipients

Ruth Li

Advisor: Douglas Kniss

“The Expression and Effect of Myoferlin Depletion in Breast Cancer Cells” 

Shante Williams

Advisors: Sean Lawler, Antonio Chiocca

“The Role of Glycogen Synthase Kinase­3 Inhibitors inBrain Tumor Migration and Invasion” 

Autumn 2010 PhD Recipients

Mark Hanke

Advisor: John Sheridan

Sympathetic Nervous System Mediated Alterations in the Immunological and Behavioral Effects of Social Defeat 

Stephanie Cush

Advisor: Emilio Flano

“Generation and Function of CD8 T Cell Memory to γ­Herpesviral Infection” 

Anna Kwilas

Advisor: Mark Peeples

"Respiratory Syncytial Virus Based Vectors for the Treatment of Cystic Fibrosis” 

Chad Groer

Advisors: Laura Bohn, Wolfgang Sadee

“Agonist­Selective Regulation of the Mu Opioid Receptor by βarrestins” 

Robert Moyer

Advisor: Wolfgang Sadee

“Exploration of Functional Genetic Variants in Candidate Genes for Psychiatric Disorders” 

Amber Nagy

Advisor: James Waldman

“Characterization and Interaction of Nanoparticles in Biological Systems”  ​​​​​​​​​