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Frequently Asked Questions

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Program Details

Application Procedures

Testing Requirements

International Students

Acceptance Profile

Academics and Funding

University/Program Offerings

Program Details

Q: When does the program start?
A: The time of entry for students is Summer only. For specific dates, please refer to the University Registrar​.

Q. Does the Biomedical Sciences program offer a Master's degree?
A. No, we award either a PhD or a combined PhD/MD   

Q: What are the different areas of research emphasis?   
A:  There are 11 areas of research emphasis. They can be found under “Areas of Research Emphasis​” on our website 


Application Procedures   

Q: When is the deadline to apply?   
A: For domestic students and fellowship applicants December 1 is the preferred deadline, but applications will be accepted until February 1.  The deadline for international students is November 1. Apply early!   

Q: Can I complete a paper form of the application?
A: No. All applications must be completed online through the grad school admissions website. 

Q: Can I submit my personal statement, CV, recommendation letters, or *transcripts electronically?
A: Yes. You can submit all of this information electronically online in the supporting documents part of the application. The reccomendation letters must be sent through the the online application process.    *The Graduate School does accept faxed or scanned copies of official transcripts for initial application review. If admission is later offered, official complete transcripts and proof of degree(s) in sealed envelopes from the issuing institution will be required. If you have already applied and did not upload your transcripts you can email them to gradadmissions@osu.edu 

Q: Is there an application fee? 
A: Yes. The application fee due to the graduate school is $60 USD for US citizens, permanent residents or asylees, and $70 USD for International students. The fee is paid by credit card or e-check at the time that an applicant submits the online application. Payment should not be sent separately to the Graduate Admissions Office. 

Q:  Are there specific requirements or suggestions for the personal statement?
A: There are not any specific requirements for the personal statement. Applicants are encouraged to include information about your background, extracurricular activities, and previous research experience, as well as information about your career goals.  Most statements are one page. 

Q: How do I submit my references letters?   
A: You must list the reference's e-mail address and name when you complete the online application. An e-mail will automatically be sent to your reference with instructions on how to complete the required reference form and also how to submit their letter of support. (Please contact graduate admissions with electronic reference questions or issues at (614) 292-9444.)   

Q: When are your interview weekends typically held?   
A: Between January and March. If you are invited for an interview you will arrive on Thursday afternoon and depart on Saturday afternoon.   

Q: Who can I contact if I am having trouble with my online Graduate Application?
A: Please contact Graduate Admissions directly at 614-292-9444. 

Q. Where should I send my transcripts?   
A. You can upload your transcripts online with your application. If you have already applied you can e-mail them to gradadmissions@osu.edu or mail them to the Graduate Admissions Office at this address: 

The Ohio State University
Graduate Admissions
PO BOX 182004
Columbus, OH 43218-2004   

The Graduate School does accept faxed or scanned copies of official transcripts for initial application review. If admission is later offered, official complete transcripts and proof of degree(s) in sealed envelopes from the issuing institution will be required.    



GRE Testing Requirements   

Q. Do I need to take the GRE exam?
A. No, as of 11/14/18, the GRE is no longer required.  

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International Students   

Q: I am an international student.  Do I need to find a faculty member willing to serve as my dissertation advisor before I apply?   
A:  Yes.You must find a faculty member who commits to funding you for 5+ years before applying.   

Q: Can international students apply?   
A: Yes. However, they MUST have a designated faculty mentor willing to fund a stipend, tuition and fees for 5+ years of the program before applying. In order to do this they would have to find an OSU faculty member on their own that is willing to sponsor them. The international student deadline is November 1.    

Q: Is there a minimum TOEFL score?   
A: Yes. On the recommendation of the Graduate School, Ohio State is implementing a graduate conditional admission policy for international applicants whose English language proficiency is marginally below the university’s required levels, i.e. below TOEFL 79-80 iBT, or 550 PBT.   

Q: How many international students do you typically accept?   
A:  On average, one international student/year is accepted. 

Q: Is there any specific information to know regarding transcript submission?  ​
A: Please visit the Graduate Admissions webpage regarding International application requirements. This webpage has information regarding transcripts in particular.


Acceptance Profile   

Q: How many students apply? How many students are selected?   
A:  On average, 25 students are admitted/year.   

Q: Does Biomedical Sciences accept transfer students?   
A: Rarely. Because students are admitted as a cohort, once/year, it is difficult to transfer into the Program.   

Q: Is there a minimum GPA?   
A: An earned cumulative grade-point average (GPA) equivalent to at least 3.0 out of 4.0 in all previous undergraduate college-level course work is required by the OSU Graduate School. The average GPA of students accepted is typically 3.6.   

Q: Am I a competitive candidate for the program?
A: Part of the admission decision is based on undergraduate and graduate GPA, level of difficulty and relevance of coursework to the program, extent, nature and productivity of previous research experience (e.g., publications and presentations), and quality of the educational institutions at which the student studied. Also taken into consideration are: personal statement, letters of reference, the student’s commitment to research, understanding of graduate education, commitment to a career in research, personal maturity, and an on-campus interview.   

Q: When will I know if I’ve been accepted?   
A:  Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. 


Academics and Funding   

Q. Do I need to know what type of research I want to do when I start?
A. No, lab rotations and courses during your first year will give you an opportunity to explore many types of research before you have to select your dissertation lab and project.   

Q: Can I pick more than one area of research emphasis?   
A: Yes. If a student fulfills the course requirements for both areas of research emphasis, then they will receive dual transcript designations.   

Q. Will I be taking classes with students from other programs too?   
A: Our courses are designed for the program's students but sometimes other students may be permitted to take the course as well. However, this is rare and in order for other students to be enrolled in a Biomedical Sciences program course, they need special written permission.    

Q: How does the dissertation process work?   
A: Please see Appendix Q of our student handbook for a description of the research process, requirements, and the defense process. (The student handbook is located under the Current Students section of the website)   

Q: What kind of funds do you have for available for students?   
A: Every student accepted is offered an annual stipend and a full waiver of tuition and fees. During the first year, this has been paid by the program, but in subsequent years the student’s dissertation advisor pays the stipend from a research grant, and the College of Medicine pays the tuition and fees. Currently, we have funds to support 30 students during the first year of study, and we have been successful in obtaining fellowships for many. (Note: this does not apply to international students).   

Q: Are there fellowships for the program?   
A: Yes. There are many opportunities for extramural fellowships for more senior students.    

Q: Is there a teaching requirement?   
A: No. We do not have a teaching requirement. 


University/Program Offerings   

Q: Do you offer campus visit or tours?   
A: Yes, if you are selected for an interview, we will provide an in-depth look at Ohio State including a campus tour and the opportunity to talk with current students and faculty members.   
Q: How can I find housing?   
A: OSU has several resources for you to find on and off-campus housing, roommates, family housing, and more! You can visit the graduate admissions website or the off campus housing website for more information. 

Q: Will I receive health insurance?   
A: Yes. All students are eligible for health insurance.    

Q: My question is not answered here or in the application instructions. Who can I contact for more information?   
A: For information about the application, please contact the Graduate Admissions Office at 614-292-9444.  For more information about the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program you can contact bsgp@osumc.edu​     

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