To apply for the anatomy graduate program, you need to complete an online application and a brief (1-2 pages) personal statement describing your academic achievements as well as personal and professional goals. All applicants must submit their application to The Ohio State University Graduate School through the Graduate Admissions Office. You need to include an official transcript from each college or university attended, GRE scores (scores from an equivalent national exam may be substituted) and three letters of recommendation.

Successful applicants to the anatomy graduate program typically meet the following criteria:

  • An undergraduate and/or previous graduate GPA of 3.3 or higher on a 4.0 scale
  • GRE scores above 50th percentile on the verbal and/or quantitative portions
  • An internet-based TOEFL score of >100, an IELTS score of >80 and/or a MELAB score of >86, if the applicant is from a region where English is not the first language
  • Previous degree and/or experience in a science or health-related field of study


Applications for fall admission are accepted beginning in mid-to-late August the previous year and should be completed by the following March 15. After receiving the completed application, the Graduate Admissions Office will forward the material to the anatomy GSC. A personal interview with the anatomy GSC may be requested to clarify the applicant's potential for graduate study in anatomy. The GSC will review the applications and decide if any students require an interview. Interviews and typically conducted in late March and early April with notifications soon to follow.

Upon receiving formal notification of acceptance to the anatomy program, the student is requested to inform the Division of Anatomy as to whether or not they accept a place in the program. A response from the student must be received by May 31; otherwise, a place in the incoming graduate class cannot be guaranteed.