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Fast Facts

Finding Funding

Where can I find funding opportunities for Medical Student Research projects?

Visit the Scholarship Opportunity page to learn more about internal and external funding opportunities.

IRB and IACUC approval

How do I know if I need IRB or IACUC approval?

Your mentor and their lab will determine if your project necessitates an IRB or IACUC approval. This determination should have been made at the application process.  If your project has changed from the original proposed and funded application and you now need IRB or IACUC approval, your mentor, lab coordinator or research assistant should submit the protocol to the appropriate approval body. You are responsible for all online or in-laboratory training to keep compliant with any proposed amendments or protocols.

Resource: Human Subjects Research at OSU.pdf

Where do I send my IRB/IACUC approved protocol?

If you did not submit it along with your COM Research Scholarship application please send your protocol approval notification to Medical Student Research office​. Failure to secure a necessary IRB or IACUC protocol will result in loss of funding.

When do I need to submit proof of IRB/IACUC

Please contact Medical Student Research office as soon as possible to discuss your project. IRB approval is an essential tool for students to be successful in their projects and to be able to work towards completion. Proof of IRB/IACUC approval must be sent to the MDSR office prior to award notification to be considered for funding.


Clinical Research Resources

How do I obtain proper IHIS access?


 How to Request IHIS access for research staff Feb 2017.pdf



Where do I submit my application? 

Online at this link.

When do I​ find out if I've been funded? 

Email notifications will be sent out. You may check out our events page for dates.

I was awarded a COM MDSR Research Scholarship, what now?


Citing Medical Student Authorship

​​​How do I properly cite my publications?

College of Medicine Acknowledgment: All publications that include current OSU medical students as co-authors should acknowledge the student, the MDSR program, the Ohio State University College of Medicine and any relevant research scholarship sponsorship. See examples below.

MDSR Scholarship Award Acknowledgment: Students should acknowledge the specific “Named” COM research scholarship which supported the student’s publications and/or presentations (e.g., Barnes, Bennett, Roessler, Watts etc). *See examples below.

Example of how to cite medical student authorship on a publication:

Acknowledging medical student contributions & the OSU College of Medicine in publications:

Title: Cardiovascular Risks and Drug Interactions

Authors: First Author*, Medical Student Name, Third Author*, etc and PI (research mentor)*

Footnote:*The Ohio State University Department of xxxxx, and Medical Student Research Program, The OSU College of Medicine, the OSU xxx Institute or Center, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, Columbus, OH

How to reference COM financial (scholarship) support:

Support: This work was supported in part by the OSU College of Medicine (Barnes, Bennett or Roessler….) research scholarship (medical student initials), NIH or other funding support (collaborator initials), NIH or other funding support (PI initials) etc.

How to address authorship Issues?