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Distance Education and Certificates in Biomedical Informatics

Distance Learning Opportunities

​​​AMIA 10x10 Course​

Certificate of Completion in Biomedical Informatics 

Course offered through the agency of the American Medical Informatics Association, taught by The Ohio State University.

Certificate program offered through The Ohio State University's Department of Biomedical Informatics.

Duration: This course is an intensive course designed to be taught in an asynchronous, web-based 12-Week format that culminates in an in-person meeting at either the AMIA Joint Summits (Spring). The duration of the course for the 2016 academic year is January 11 - March 21, 2016. The in-person session will be at the AMIA CRI-TBI 2016 Meeting in San Francisco, CA.

Students who are unable to attend the in-person final project session are able to do an alternate final assignment.

​The certificate program for the Department of Biomedical Informatics is entirely online.

The entire program is 5 courses long (15 credit hours), including core coursework (3 courses; 9 credit hours) followed by specialization coursework in a focus area of the student's choice (2 courses; 6 credit hours).

Students will take one-to-two courses per semester in an online format. It is expected that each certificate take one-to-two years (4-5 academic semesters) to complete.

Our institution's version of this course focuses in the sub-discipline of Biomedical Informatics known as Clinical Research Informatics. 

Clinical Research Informatics is the  sub-discipline concerned with the development, application, and evaluation of theories, methods, and systems to optimize the design and conduct of clinical research and the analysis, interpretation, and dissemination of the information generated. In addition to defining the CRI domain and highlighting the key challenges and opportunities facing CRI, students will be exposed to key models, approaches, tools, regulatory/ethical issues, and initiatives driving CRI developments and practice. This course will also provide students with an understanding of the relationships that exist between CRI and other biomedical informatics domains (such as clinical informatics and bioinformatics).

Course Fees: $2,395
​The curriculum is laid out as follows:

Core Curriculum:
BMI 5710 - Introduction to Biomedical Informatics
BMI 5750 - Methods in Biomedical Informatics
BMI 5760 - Public Health Informatics

Specialization Tracks and Curriculum: Students may choose from the following paths:
  • Clinical Informatics
BMI 5780 - Introduction to Clinical Informatics
BMI 5770 - Health Analytics
  • Clinical Research Informatics
BMI 5740 - Introduction to Research Informatics
BMI 7810 - Design and Methodological Studies in BMI
  • Health Analytics
BMI 5770 - Health Analytics
BMI 7810 - Design and Methodological Studies in BMI
  • Translational Bioinformatics
BMI 5730 - Introduction to Bioinformatics
BMI 5740 - Introduction to Research Informatics

Please note that individuals must complete all core curriculum before moving on to their designated focus area. 

Review our curriculum guide here if you are interested in pursuing this opportunity.
A background in the basic sciences, medicine, or computational sciences is ideally preferred. If you are interested in pursuing a certificate, but are worried you might not meet the qualifications, please contact us to see which options might be available for you.

Enrollment is currently open for the January 11, 2016 start date:

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We anticipate the program beginning in the 2017-2018 academic year. Please reach out to us for more information.



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