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BMI's Own IR&D Team Develops Heart Attack Survivor App 'MyHealthTrack' 


Rose Chumita, a registered nurse at Ohio State's Richard M. Ross Heart Hospital, knew that her patients were desperate to improve their heart function, but they didn't have the right resources to keep them accountable and monitor progress.​Chumita decided to fill that time gap with an app. Her design could monitor health habits through interactive messaging and other personalized technology. Patients using the app are better equipped to lower blood pressure, weight and cholesterol. Plus, treatments often end up costing less. Chumita was awarded the annual Elizabeth M. Ross Nursing Fellowship to facilitate the app's creation. The fellowship is part of a $1 million endowment made possible by a generous donation to support new efforts of Ross Heart Hospital nurses.​ 

A software engineering team in the Ohio State University's Department of Biomedical Informatics joined Chumita to bring her idea to life. Led by Puneet Mathur, the research and development group combined its technological know-how with Chumita's insight into patient behavior to create the MyHealthTrack mobile app.​ MyHealthTrack warns users when their numbers fluctuate too high or too low, and it gives immediate feedback and suggestions. Patients can easily make cause-and-effect connections between their blood pressure and diet that day, for example.​

We are extremely proud of Puneet and the development team for working with Dr. Chumita on this groundbreaking app. Congratulations to the whole team!


Posted on 31-May-18 by Mccormic, Mikayla
Tags: Research
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