Internship Coordinator: Gabrielle Kokanos

About the Program

The Department of Biomedical Informatics (BMI) hosts an annual 12-week internship program each summer that provides graduating high school seniors and current undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to pursue research projects under the guidance of research and operational staff and renowned faculty mentors.

Participants learn useful tools and technologies used in biomedical and clinical research. Each intern will have access to weekly program sessions. The first is a skills development workshop or a module which will cover topics such as programming in python, AI, predictive modeling, statistical analysis, presentation skills or ethics. The second is a weekly fundamental knowledge lecture covering the breadth of biomedical informatics. Finally, on alternating weeks, the students will have career preparation panels and a journal club led by faculty within the department. Interns will also gain useful presentation abilities through regular lab and programmatic presentation opportunities, including an end-of-program poster session.

Many students who have participated in this program have gone on to pursue doctoral degrees in biomedicine, biomedical informatics, computer science and electrical engineering or to complete degrees in medicine and nursing.

All student internship positions in the Department of Biomedical Informatics are paid an hourly wage. The exact wage is based on academic level and aligns with BMI hiring practices. Many positions have the ability to turn into academic year student employment opportunities.

Funding and Eligibility

Positions for the summer are funded by the National Library of Medicine and internal funding of investigators.

The Interdisciplinary Summer Research Experience (R25LM014223) in the Department of Biomedical Informatics (BMI), is focused on encouraging and supporting students, underrepresented in BMI and data science, to pursue graduate studies in these fields. We take a unique approach to the internship in two ways: First we focus on interdisciplinary, dual mentorship which means that each student will have two mentors from different fields and research backgrounds. The goal is to help the student gain a broader perspective of the field by exposure to different viewpoints. Second, we offer an artificial intelligence (AI) challenge competition as an optional, mentored experience. AI competitions can foster teamwork, creativity, and quick thinking. The overall goal of this program is to build a stronger and more diverse workforce in BMI and data science.

To be eligible for this R25 funding, students must be U.S. citizens and from an NIH defined, underrepresented group in data sciences. Internal funding is also available to support students who do not meet these criteria.  

Summer 2024 Program

The application system is open! The application deadline is Friday March 1, 2024 12 pm EST.

The program dates for 2024 are May 20th to August 9th.

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