Program leadership holds a deep commitment to the holistic well-being of our residents, encompassing their physical, professional, and psychological health.

In an era where heightened emphasis is placed on wellness and the mitigation of burnout across various domains, including healthcare, we recognize this need acutely. During the crucial time of residency training, which marks a period of remarkable personal and professional development yet can pose significant stressors, we acknowledge the necessity for adequate support. We actively champion resident well-being through a range of institutional and departmental resources, empowering our residents to navigate the intricacies of training with resilience and balance.

Resources at a glance

  • Medical Center & University Resources: Access to recreational facilities, child care facilities, retirement planning consultation, employee assistance program, and counseling and consultation services. Additionally: private on-call facilities, lactation facilities, and health malpractice insurance.
  • Graduate Medical Education Resources: The GME office facilitates a Parental Support Program; Uber reimbursement for post call fatigue, mindfulness program with resources on how to manage stressors of being a physician, on-call meal allowance, lab coats and technology stipend. More benefits for residents are provided by The Ohio State University College of Medicine.
  • Departmental Resources: Our departmental wellness committee, which includes resident representation, plans and facilitates a variety of wellness initiatives. Examples include: educational sessions on burnout and fatigue mitigation, a peer and faculty mentorship program, and resident-led social and recreational events. 
  • We consistently seek feedback from residents to learn how we can improve our program and are committed to making necessary changes.

Hear what our residents have to say

Columbus and Ohio State provide a community that's committed to diversity, culture, economic opportunity and excellence. Here, some of our current residents and fellows share their perspectives.

Recent resident wellness and social events