The Circadian Timing Core provides equipment and expertise for the examination of mammalian circadian timing systems. The core consists of equipment for behavioral-based profiling of mouse models using locomotor activity and/or core-body temperature as the clock read-out. Equipment is also available for luminometry-based profiling of tissues samples and dispersed cultures.

Core Director
Karl Obrietan, PhD

Graves Hall

Available services

Whole-animal profiling


Circadian locomotor activity profiling is assessed using a wheel-running assay. Equipment is available so that 48 mice can be profiled simultaneously. Circadian-regulation of core body temperature and gross motor activity can be profiled using the implanted E-Mitter telemetry system (4 mice can be profiled simultaneously:


VitalView Software - PC/Windows-based platform to collect and monitor an entire suite of circadian parameters (

ActiView Software – PC/Windows-based platform for data analysis and data formatting.

Ex-vivo/Tissue-based profiling


The Lumicycle system ( ) provides high-throughput luminometry on self-luminous tissues, such as those from transgenic animals containing the luciferase gene. Thirty-two samples (prepared in 35-mm Petri dishes) can be recorded simultaneously. Samples can be prepared as tissue explants or dispersed cultures. Photon-counting photomultiplier tubes generate a sample-based luminescence signal that is used to profile alterations in the expression of rhythmically-regulated luciferase-based reporters.


Actimetrics Software: PC/Windows-based platform to monitor an entire suite of circadian parameters (e.g., circadian period, phase, resetting).

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