The Main Campus Imaging Core provides training, expertise and equipment to perform fluorescence confocal microscopy. This facility provides a well-maintained point-scanning confocal microscope and provides training to users to establish independent imaging experiments.

Core Director
Andy Fischer, PhD

Core Manager
Lisa Kelly

Graves Hall

Leica Confocal

The Leica SP8 is an upright point-scanning confocal suitable for routine confocal imaging of fixed specimens.

Leica Confocal


  • Upright fully motorized with 10X, 20X, 40X and 63X high NA objectives
  • 40x and 63x are oil immersion lenses
  • Motorized XYZ stage with XY stitching
  • 4 excitation lines (405, 488, 561 and 640 nm) from solid state lasers and AOTFs
  • Adjustable filters for emission spectra
  • 2 emission PMTs, 1 HyD emission detector, and 1 transmitted light PMT
  • Digital deconvolution
  • LASX suite for Z-stack projections, rotations, orthogonal projections and rotation movies  

Olympus Multi-photon

The Olympus FVMPE-RS is an upright multi-photon microscope capable of confocal fluorescence imaging deep into tissue in brain slices, anesthetized or unanesthetized mice.


  • Dual scan head
  • MPE Objectives: 60X dipping, 25X immersion, 20X air and 5X air (MPE Objectives are designed for deep imaging-up to 8 mm working distance/depth)
  • Detectors: PMT and GAASP
  • High-Speed Scanning at up to 438 Frames-per-Second
  • Independent Photostimulation Control
  • Microsecond Timing for Electrophysiology and Optogenetics
  • Automated Laser Alignment
  • FluoView Software
  • Coherent Twin Chameleon laser system: 700-1060 nm
  • Prior XY motorized stage 

Neurotar Home Cage Arena (for in vivo imaging of unanesthetized mice). 

Multiphoton machine cover off Multiphoton machine cover on









Two-Photon Microscope Director
Karl Obrietan, PhD

User Fees

To be determined