This Core expands the capabilities of neuroscience research on campus by making available specialized expertise, equipment and assistance to support electrophysiological analyses of signal transduction and synaptic function in cultured cells, tissue slices and zebrafish embryos.

Core Director
Candice Askwith, PhD

Core Manager
Fangli Zhao

Graves Hall

Available services

  • Technical expertise, equipment and consultation for conducting electrophysiological studies
  • Extracellular or patch clamp recordings to screen for alterations in synaptic transmission, such as measurement of EPSP or EPSC or alteration in LTP or LTD, in cerebellar, hippocampal, hypothalamic and spinal cord slices
  • Electrophysiological studies of voltage- and ligand-channels in isolated or cultured neurons

User fees


  • LTP or LTD (2 animals /day): $350 /day 
  • Whole cell patch clamping: $375 /day
  • Specialized recording: $350 /day
  • Training: $50 /day
  • Data analysis: $50 /day
  • Consultation: No charge

Equipment rental

  • Extracellular rig: $50 /day or use
  • Whole cell slice rig: $100 /day or use
  • Whole cell rig: $25 /day or use
Electrophysiology core policies

Electrophysiology core policies

Selected publications

Selected publications

Publications that have benefitted from electrophysiology core services.