The Single Cell Omics Core facilitates the generation and analyses of single cell libraries to produce publication quality data. Expertise with scRNA-seq, scATAC-seq and multi-omics.

Core Director
Andy Fischer, PhD

Core Manager
Heithem El-Hodiri

Graves Hall

Available Services and Equipment


  • Consulting – experiment design strategies, best reagents, techniques, sequencing strategies
  • 10X genomics or Pip-seq
  • Cell dissociation and/or nuclei preparations
  • Library preparation – loading cells into Cell Controller, tagmentation, clean-up, prep for sequencing
  • Bioinformatics – help with OSC supercomputer for 10X CellRanger
  • Bioinformatic analyses – Seurat, Monocle, Signac, CellChat, SingleCellSignalR, motif analyses, SoupOrCell, different Integration strategies, overlays of query libraries onto establishedtrajectories, GO enrichment analyses, etc.


  • 10X Chromium Cell Controller
  • 10X Chromium X Controller
  • BioRad PCR machine
  • Miltenyi OCTO tissue dissociator
  • Miltenyi MACs
  • Countess II automated cell counter
  • 4 Dell/Apple Workstations
  • Heating blocks, mini-spin, refrigerated centrifuge, approved pipettemen

Single cell lab equipment Single cell lab equipment machine

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Selected Publications