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Established in 2004 and funded by a P30 Center Core grant from the National Institutes of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, the Ohio State University Neuroscience Center Core is a vital hub for neuroscience research and collaboration across campus, providing specialized expertise and services that support research into the causes and treatments of neurological disorders

The Center consists of an Administrative Core and four Scientific Cores that are managed by highly trained and experienced staff. These cores serve a broad and collaborative community of more than 40 neuroscientists including approximately 30 PIs on approximately 40 NIH-funded neuroscience projects totaling approximately $12 million in annual NIH funding.

A key feature of these Cores is their flexible service model, which allows them to perform procedures for users or to train users that wish to perform the procedures in the Core facility or in their own laboratories. In this way, the Cores maximize efficiency, offering centralized access to equipment and expertise that would be difficult, costly or impractical to duplicate in individual laboratories, while at the same time providing standardized protocols and ensuring uniform application of best practices so that experiments are performed to the highest standards.

By making these services available to investigators, the Center also encourages the adoption of a broader range of technical approaches by individual investigators, strengthening NINDS-funded research on campus and furthering or expanding the scope of NINDS-funded and other neuroscience projects.

Core Director
Anthony Brown, PhD

Admin Support
Kelsey Wheeler

Core Policies

Core Policies

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