Our Mission

To save the lives of newborns in low-resource countries through empowering local healthcare providers with the training and tools they need to change their own futures.

Our Strategy

Align training programs with the priorities and support of the host country’s Ministries of Health. They know best what they need.

Train providers currently working in the newborn or maternal area of their hospital/clinic. Training is most effective when used immediately and consistently.

Train providers in places with the least access to medical care where simple and timely interventions make a huge difference. Resuscitation with low-tech equipment saves an infant in the first minute of life.

Provide specialized education in neonatal care through an embedded team of experts who work side-by-side in the wards to reinforce the education. Our team embeds in the host country for weeks getting to know the people and the culture.

Deliver a refresher course within six months to reinforce the training and see what other needs providers may have uncovered. It is important to ensure that techniques are being utilized correctly.

Teach a one-week train-the-trainer course. Put the ability to increase healthcare worker capacity in the hands of the local professionals.

Support a percentage of an in-country coordinator salary to oversee ongoing Helping Babies Breathe Training. It is important to help sustain the initiative until it is integrated into the standard practice of the facility.