LIGHT LogoLeading in Global Health Together (LIGHT) is a health sciences global health interest group that educates pre-professional students about the rewards of being involved in global medicine, and assists in facilitating experiences for pre-clinical students. This is accomplished through fundraising, volunteering at local refugee and immigrant organizations, programming that involves speaker workshops and assistance with coordinating experiences abroad after the first year of medical school. 

Mission and Vision: The purpose of Leading in Global Health Together (LIGHT) is to design education and synthesize the current resources offered at OSU and Columbus to empower students and faculty to build ethical, self-sustaining global health partnerships.

President: Mahir Samad (
Faculty Advisor: Benedict Nwomeh, MD

The Partnership for Ongoing Development and Education and Medical Outreach Solutions (PODEMOS)
is a student-led organization that offers a service-learning experience in Honduras. Their goal is to collaborate with other health professionals to provide acute and chronic medical care and promote public health in the towns of Monte de Olivos and Siete de Abril. Visit their website for additional details.