Active Clinical Trials

Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Leslie Kim, MD – A Prospective Randomized Double Blind Trial to Assess the Effect of a Single Preoperative Dose of Gabapentin on Postoperative Opioid Consumption in Patients Undergoing Rhinoplasty

General ENT

Eugene Chio, MD – Adherence and Outcome of Upper Airway Stimulation (UAS) for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) International Registry

Head and Neck Oncology

Stephen Kang, MD – A Registry to Evaluate the Flexitouch System and Flexitouch Plus for Treatment of Head and Neck Lymphedema

Matthew Old, MD – Phase II Trial of Adjuvant Cisplatin and Radiation with Pembrolizumab in Resected Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Matthew Old, MD – Nivolumab and BMS986205 in Treating Patients with Stage II-IV Squamous Cell Cancer of the Head and Neck 

Enver Ozer, MD – Transoral Robotic Surgery in Treating Patients with Benign or Malignant Tumors of the Head and Neck 

James Rocco, MD, PhD – Radiation Therapy With or Without Cisplatin in Treating Patients With Stage III-IVA Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck Who Have Undergone Surgery 

James Rocco, MD, PhD – Cetuximab and Nivolumab in Patients with Recurrent/Metastatic Head & Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma 


Brad deSilva, MD – Voice Outcomes Following Transcutaneous Steroid Injection for Vocal Fold Nodules Combined with Voice Therapy Compared to Voice Therapy Alone (Co-investigators – Laura Matrka, MD and Brandon Kim, MD)

Brad deSilva, MD – Customized Tracheostomy Fistula Plug (Co-investigators – Laura Matrka, MD and Brandon Kim, MD)

Otology, Neurotology and Cranial Base Surgery

Oliver Adunka, MD – A Proposal to Evaluate Revised Indications for Cochlear Implant Candidacy for the Adult CMS Population (Co-investigators – Ed Dodson, MD and Aaron Moberly, MD)

Oliver Adunka, MD – Clinical Evaluation of the Cochlear Nucleus® CI532 Cochlear Implant in Adults (Co-investigators – Ed Dodson, MD and Aaron Moberly, MD)

Oliver Adunka, MD – Cochlear Implantation during Vestibular Schwannoma Removal or During Labyrinthectomy Surgery for Treatment of Meniere’s Disease (Co-investigators – Ed Dodson, MD and Aaron Moberly, MD)

Edward Dodson, MD – Regional Anesthesia for Otologic Surgery (Co-investigators – Aaron Moberly, MD and Jameson Mattingly, MD)

Aaron Moberly, MD – Aural Rehabilitation for Adults Receiving Cochlear Implants

Aaron Moberly, MD – Randomized Control Trial of Immediate versus Delayed Cochlear Implantation: Hearing in Older Adults Study (Co-investigators – Oliver Adunka, MD and Ed Dodson, MD)

Christin Ray, PhD – Aural Rehabilitation: Contributing Factors and Speech Recognition Changes for Cochlear Implant Users


Alex Farag, MD – Treatment of Post-operative Sinonasal Polyposis with Topical Furosemide

Kai Zhao, PhD – Olfactory Training for Patients with Olfactory Losses

Clinical Trials at the James Cancer Center

Clinical Trials at the James Cancer Center

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