The Tumor Immunology Laboratory studies the immunological landscape of cancer with a specific emphasis on tumor-specific T and B cell responses in human papillomavirus-positive (HPV+) head and neck cancer (HNC). Recent studies demonstrated that the presence of B cell in the tumor microenvironment, especially in the form of tertiary lymphoid structures, is associated with improved response rates to immune checkpoint inhibition (ICI). However, how B cells contribute to improved ICI responses is not known. 

Our data show that HPV-specific B cells and CD8+ T cells are readily detectable in HPV+ HNC tumors, with active secretion of HPV-specific antibodies in situ (Wieland et al., Nature 2021; Eberhardt et al., Nature 2021). Thus, a major focus of our lab is to gain a better understanding of the role of these intratumoral B cells in anti-tumor immunity. 

These data will aid in the development of novel immunotherapeutic strategies harnessing the therapeutic potential of tumor-specific B cells and synergizing with current immunotherapies to ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Our objectives

The objectives of our lab include identifying the major antigenic determinants of intratumoral B and T cells in HPV+ HNC, explaining the mechanisms by which intratumoral B cells impact anti-tumor T cell responses, and developing novel HPV-specific human monoclonal antibodies from intratumoral B cells.

Our team

Wieland Andreas 460x460

Andreas Wieland, PhD

Lab director

  • Arline Joachim, BS
Our publications

Our publications

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