The Human Auditory Evoked Potential Laboratory studies the neural encoding of auditory information and its relationship with auditory perception in hearing-impaired patients who use hearing aids, cochlear implants or auditory brainstem implants. The team works with both adult and pediatric patients.

Our objectives

Our lab aims to bridge research and clinical practice by identifying biomarkers for diagnosis and treatment selection and developing evidence-based practice for hearing-impaired listeners. To achieve this goal, we conduct adult and pediatric research projects spanning multiple areas of interest with a short-term goal of better understanding underlying neurophysiological mechanisms of auditory-perception deficits in human listeners.

Our team

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Shuman He, MD, PhD

Lab director

  • Brittney Carter, AuD, PhD
  • Yi Yuan, PhD
Notable achievements

Notable achievements

Current clinical trials, research studies and support

Current clinical trials, research studies and support

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Phone: 614-366-9329