The Inner Ear Electrophysiology Laboratory measures the electric activity in different parts of the auditory system to examine how the inner ear and the brain process sound. This information is beneficial to a variety of disorders, but it’s especially useful in better understanding the detailed patterns by which cochlear implants stimulate the brain.

Our objectives

Our labs aims to better understand what happens in the inner ear during adult and pediatric cochlear implant electrode insertion and how residual hearing can be preserved during and following surgery. This research will continue to help develop improved techniques and devices that won’t compromise residual hearing — the main barrier to broader implementation of cochlear implants. 

Our team


Oliver Adunka, MD, MBA, FACS

Director, Division of Otology, Neurotology and Cranial Base Surgery

Vice Chair, Clinical Operations
Director, Neurotology Fellowship Program
Director, Audiology
Director, Hearing Center
Director, Pediatric Otology and Hearing Program at Nationwide Children's Hospital
Professor - Clinical

Clinical profile

Hiss Meghan 724x840

Meghan Hiss, AuD


Notable achievements

Notable achievements

Current clinical trials, research studies and support

Current clinical trials, research studies and support

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