Interns who are selected for the Adult Psychopathology Track will provide outpatient services as part of one of three primary rotations: Mood, Anxiety and Mindfulness, Early Psychosis Intervention Center (EPICENTER), and Suicide and Trauma Reduction Initiative (STRIVE). Interns will spend two days per week for a full year providing clinical services on their primary rotation and one day per week on a secondary rotation from within the Adult Psychopathology Track or on one or more elective options. The remaining two days are reserved for didactics and protected research time. Each primary rotation has opportunities for participation in research and there are a variety of research labs outside of the Adult Psychopathology Track that welcome interns.

Each primary rotation on the adult psychopathology track is assigned its own number within the APPIC application system. Applicants may apply to multiple primary rotations on Adult Psychopathology Track as part of the APPIC application process.

The Adult Track intern’s typical schedule is as follows:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Elective Clinical Didactics Clinical Research


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