Interns who are selected for the Adult Psychopathology Track will be involved in providing outpatient services for individuals suffering from a variety of mental health concerns. Rotations include Mood, Anxiety and Mindfulness, Early Onset Psychosis (EPICENTER), and Addiction Treatment. Interns will spend at least one day per week for a full year seeing patients on each of these rotations.

Interns on the adult track will be asked to indicate their preference for a concentration in either Early Onset Psychosis (EPICENTER) or Mood, Anxiety, and Mindfulness. Interns will spend 2 days per week in their respective area of concentration, one day per week in each of the other rotations, and a day in didactic activities.

The Adult Track intern’s typical schedule is as follows:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Intern 1 Mood EPICENTER Didactics EPICENTER Substance Use
Intern 2 EPICENTER Mood Didactics Mood Substance Use


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