Psychology Internship Program Faculty


Cheryl Carmin, PhD

Director, Clinical Psychology Training

Dr. Carmin focuses on evidence-based assessments and treatment of anxiety disorders. She examines the prevalence of anxiety in coronary heart disease (CHD), with the ultimate goal to extend and refine treatment interventions to those individuals with CHD and anxiety.

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Darrin Aase, PhD


Justin Barterian, PhD

Assistant Professor

Justin Barterian, PhD, provides evidence-based treatment to young adults who are experiencing academic and/or mental health challenges, such as poor academic performance, anxiety, depression, and ADHD. Additionally, he performs psychoeducational testing to diagnose ADHD and/or other learning disorders with an emphasis on identifying appropriate interventions and educational accommodations.

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Laura Boxley, PhD

Director, Clinical Neuropsychology Training

Laura Boxley, PhD, completed a two-year postdoctoral fellowship specializing in neuropsychology at the Veterans Health Administration Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan. Clinically, Dr. Boxley evaluates cognition and everyday functioning in adults with neurologic and/or major medical conditions. She is also actively involved in education and research.

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Nicholas J. K. Breitborde, PhD, ABPP

Director, Early Psychosis Intervention Center (EPICENTER); Professor of Psychology

Dr. Breitborde’s clinical and research activities focus on the development, delivery, and dissemination of specialized clinical interventions for youth and young adults early in the course of psychotic disorder or experiencing the early warning signs of a burgeoning psychotic disorder.

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Kristen M. Carpenter, PhD

Director, Women’s Behavioral Health; Associate Professor of Psychology

The primary research focus of Kristen M. Carpenter, PhD, is the identification of risk factors for sexual and psychological maladjustment in gynecologic and breast cancer patients during various stages of diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship.

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Jennifer Carter, PhD

Director, Sports Psychology; Associate Professor of Psychology


Erica Dawson, PhD

Director, Neuropsychology Clinic; Associate Professor of Psychology

Dr. Dawson evaluates cognition and everyday functioning in adults with neurologic and/or major medical conditions. She is also actively involved in education and administrative efforts.

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Chelsi Day, PhD


Kristy Engel PsyD


Stephanie Gorka, PhD


James Houle, PhD

Sports Psychologist


Kristin Kuntz, PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry; Associate Professor of Psychology

Kristin Kuntz, PhD, helps patients manage the psychological and psychosocial aspects that often accompany a medical condition and specializes in the assessment and care of organ transplant patients. Her research focuses on the relationship between chronic illness or transplant and psychological aspects, such as depression, anxiety and quality of life.

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Sophie Lazarus, PhD

Assistant Professor

Sophie A. Lazarus, PhD provides evidence-based interventions for mood, anxiety, and personality disorders. She specializes in mindfulness-based interventions and directs the mindfulness-based cognitive therapy program. She is actively involved in research, education, and administrative efforts.

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Heather McGinty, PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Heather L. McGinty, PhD is focused on evidence-based care for both psychosocial distress and symptom management in patients with cancer and their caregivers as well as the evaluation and treatment of general mental health conditions. Her research focuses on psycho-oncology and quality of life during treatment for cancer and cancer survivorship.

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Aubrey Moe, PhD

Assistant Professor

Aubrey Moe, PhD, dedicates her clinical and research efforts to evidence-based assessment and treatment of individuals with recent-onset psychosis or at elevated risk for developing a psychotic illness. Her research focuses on optimizing outcomes for people with psychosis, and in particular on helping people navigate and overcome social challenges. Dr. Moe is also actively involved in the education and training of future mental healthcare providers.

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Jose Moreno, PhD


Lawrence Needleman, PhD

Director, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Training

Lawrence Needleman, PhD, specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) assessment and treatment of adults with anxiety disorders. He has extensive expertise in using empirically-supported CBT protocols and works to assess and treat patients who have severe psychopathology after they are discharged from inpatient or partial hospital settings.

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Christopher Nguyen, PhD

Christopher Nguyen, PhD


Ashleigh Pona, PhD


Helena Rempala, PhD

Associate Professor of Psychology, Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Helena Rempala is a Board Certified Clinical Psychologist and a certified Neurofeedback Trainer. In her clinical practice she primarily focuses on disorders of psycho-physiological arousal such as sleep disorders, executive function deficits, impulse control issues, depression and anxiety.

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Michael Vilensky, PhD


Travis Westbrook, PhD

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