Established in 1914, Ohio State’s Department of Surgery has an impressive track record of producing leaders in surgery who are in demand across the country. Surgeons at Ohio State are at the forefront of advances in surgical techniques, including many minimally invasive procedures, which offer patients faster recoveries and less postoperative pain.

Why choose Ohio State?

About the General Surgery Residency Program

We provide an environment that's conducive to learning, both supportive and challenging, so you can fulfill your highest potential and assume a position of leadership in surgery. Our surgical residency program graduates achieve prominence and success in community practice and major academic institutions alike. Our residents serve as integral members of our surgical teams, delivering state-of-the-art patient care, teaching medical students and contributing to innovations in medicine through translational, clinical and health services research. Through a broad range of conferences and clinical experiences, you will learn to function as a well-qualified, independent specialist in today’s dynamic healthcare environment.

Research with the Department of Surgery

The Wexner Medical Center is home to leading-edge research advances at the frontier of surgical sciences. With a focus on public needs, our research is rooted in engaging with our surrounding community. It serves as a platform for the academic development of students, fellows and faculty while providing an opportunity to develop solutions for some of medicine’s most pressing challenges.

Graduate Medical Education

Why Columbus?

Through its open-minded approach to life, business and ideas, the Columbus region has cultivated an environment of unique communities, companies, institutions and entertainment. Columbus is one of the fastest-growing major metropolitan areas in the U.S., and as an up-and-coming tech city, it’s attracting the brightest minds from around the world.

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