Robotic surgery is an advanced method of surgery using leading-edge technology called the da Vinci® system to perform minimally invasive procedures. The robot is a sophisticated medical device that allows surgeons to operate through tiny incisions using enhanced imagery and precise movements. Ohio State offers several options for introduction to robotic surgery for surgeons, operating room staff and nursing staff, as well as administrators of hospitals and medical systems.

Training Center

With years of experience hosting visitors from around the country and around the world, Ohio State’s surgeons and staff provide our guests with a detailed look at the experience necessary to build a successful robotics practice and program, including surgical case observation.

Robotics programs are offered to an array of professionals, including urologists, gynecologists, gynecologic oncologists, operating room nurses and staff, robotics program managers and hospital or medical system administrators.

The Ohio State University has a rich and proven history in robotic surgery. In 1999, Ohio State doctors became the first in the country to perform surgery with the da Vinci® robot. Since then, thousands of robotic procedures have been performed in diverse surgical specialties that include urology, gynecology, gynecologic oncology, cardiac and thoracic surgery, urogynecology, otolaryngology and general surgery.

Ohio State’s multi-specialty robotics program has dedicated clinical and administrative staff who share their expertise with those planning to institute robotics in their practices and at their hospitals.

Program Options

Robotic Surgeon Training: Live surgery observations with experienced robotic surgeons for existing and emerging procedures is available. Fees for da Vinci® procedure observation: $500/day.

Please contact for forms and registration.

Location and Contact Information

Center for Advanced Robotic Surgery
Doan Hall 558
410 West Tenth Avenue
Columbus, OH 43120
Phone: 614-366-0864