The research we perform at the Ohio State Comprehensive Transplant Center covers basic, translational and clinical, with the goal of developing the next generation of surgical innovation. What we learn at the bench we apply to the bedside.

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Research Opportunities in the Division of Transplantation Surgery at Ohio State

Study Finds Immune Cell That Predicts Risk of Organ Rejection In Transplant Patients

Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion Clinical Trial

Current Research Studies

Current Research Studies


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Kidney Transplant Research

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Liver Transplant Research

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Active Research Grants

Active and pending grants

  • Ginny Bumgardner MD, PhD – NIH T32 grant advancing research training in immunology for surgery trainees (ARTIST), National Institutes of Health (NIH, NIAID), 8/1/2019–7/31/2024, $1,600,000
  • Ginny Bumgardner MD, PhD – NIH R01 grant investigating a novel cellular therapy to prevent and treat acute antibody mediated kidney transplant rejection, 7/1/2019–6/30/2024, $2,686,090
  • Ginny Bumgardner MD, PhD – TL1 NIH grant advancing today's discoveries to improve health, 6/29/2019–5/30/2023, $258,712
  • Ginny Bumgardner MD, PhD – Doris Duke Charitable Foundation grant, 10/15/2021–10/14/2023, $550,000
  • Ginny Bumgardner MD, PhD – NIH T32 grant - Medical Scientist Training Program, The Ohio State University, 7/1/2021–6/30/2026, $4,189,808
  • Ginny Bumgardner MD, PhD – NIH R38 grant - The Ohio State University Research in Residency Physician Scientist Initiative, 12/1/2022–11/30/2027, PENDING
  • Bryan Whitson, MD, PhD – NIH R01 grant investigating preservation and rescue of the lung donor allograft for transplantation, 7/1/2018–6/30/2023, $3,472,273
  • Sylvester Black, MD, PhD – NIH R01 NIDDK, Muscle-liver crosstalk via the myokine MG53 plays a critical role in hepatocellular protection, 3/1/2020–3/1/2025, $3,200,000 read more
  • Austin Schenk, MD, PhD – American Heart Association Career Development Award, TCR repertoire, specificity, and the endothelial barrier in allograft rejection and tolerance, 4/1/2019–3/31/2022, $231,000
  • Austin Schenk, MD, PhD – The Ohio Solid Organ Transplantation Consortium grant, Over- or Underutilization of simultaneous liver-kidney transplantation, 1/1/2021–12/31/2022, $50,000

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