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Vision and Mission


The Office of Global Health aims to inspire future physicians to become champions for global health and for improving the quality of life for all. It seeks to prepare future physicians for practice in a diverse world by fostering a spirit of service, cultural appreciation and global partnership with the goal of reducing the burden of disease around the world, particularly among those most vulnerable.


The mission of the Office of Global Health is to provide medical students with the opportunity to learn about global health issues through didactic, self-study and participatory learning. As such, it creates and maintains a curriculum for medical students that leads to an understanding of current and emerging global health concerns and the role of international organizations (i.e. WHO), governments, local public health officials, and medical personnel in addressing these concerns. As part of the curriculum, the office develops and maintains a core set of international rotations and affiliation agreements that ensure a high quality, consistent and mentored clinical experience in a safe environment, and actively facilitates these experiences for COM students. These experiences also offer students the opportunity to participate in public health and clinical research projects. The OGH also serves as a source of information on international health education conferences for students and faculty, and continually explores opportunities for extramural funding of its activities.