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Peter Mohler, PhD

Peter Mohler is the Vice Dean for Research. Dr. Mohler is the Interim Chair of the Department of Cancer Biology and Genetics. Dr. Mohler is also the Director of the Davis Heart and Lung Research Institute, the Chair of the Department of Physiology & Cell Biology, a Professor of Physiology & Cell Biology and Internal Medicine, ​and the William D. and Jacquelyn L. Wells Chair in Cardiovascular Research. His research program focuses on solving the pathways underlying potentially fatal human diseases including cardiac arrhythmia, diabetes and neurological dysfunction and to date has defined the mechanisms underlying five different human diseases. Dr. Mohler was named one of fourteen National Pew Scholars by the Pew Charitable Trusts in 2007, a ​Kavli Scholar of the U.S. National Academy of Science in 2009, one of ten national established investigators by the American Heart Association in 2012, and was named as an inaugural NIH National Heart Lung and Blood Institute's Outstanding Investigator in 2016. 

Email: peter.mohler@osumc.edu

Phone: (614) 247-8610

William Abraham, MD

William Abraham is Associate Dean for Clinical Research and the Medical Director of the College of Medicine’s Clinical Trials Management Office.  His responsibilities include building a clinical research organization that efficiently manages clinical trials conducted throughout The Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center.  Dr. Abraham is a Professor of Internal Medicine and Physiology & Cell Biology, Chair of Excellence in Cardiovascular Medicine and Director of the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine.   He is a nationally and internationally recognized expert in heart failure management with research interests including hemodynamic and neurohormonal mechanisms in heart failure, sleep disordered breathing in heart failure, and clinical drug and device trials in heart failure and cardiac transplantation.

Email: william.abraham@osumc.edu

Phone: (614) 292-9560

Kun Huang, PhD

Kun Huang is the Associate Dean for Genome Informatics and Division Director and Professor of Biomedical Informatics. Dr. Huang is also a Professor of Public Health, Biomedical Engineering, and Computer Science and Engineering. Dr. Huang provides strategic leadership and oversight of activities at the intersection of genomics, bioinformatics and clinical translations within the College of Medicine. An NIH-funded investigator, Dr. Huang is internationally recognized for his expertise in bioinformatics and bioimage informatics, particularly in the areas of integrative genomics.

Email: kun.huang@osumc.edu

Phone: (614) 366-4980

Rebecca Jackson, MD

Rebecca Jackson is the Associate Dean for Clinical and Translational Research and the Director of The Ohio State University Medical Center’s Center for Clinical and Translational Science. In addition to her responsibilities in oversight of clinical research, Dr. Jackson is a leader in the research of women’s health, specializing in endocrinology, diabetes, and metabolism disorders.

Email: rebecca.jackson@osumc.edu

Phone: (614) 293-4041​

Jeffrey Parvin, MD, PhD

Jeffrey Parvin is the Associate Dean for Graduate Education and the Co-Director of the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program. His responsibilities include the leadership of the principal PhD program in the College of Medicine and seeking opportunities to innovate in the training of predoctoral and postdoctoral fellows. Dr. Parvin is a professor in the Department of Biomedical Informatics, and his research focuses on DNA double strand break repair mechanisms, the control of gene expression, and pathways important in breast cancer.

Email: jeffery.parvin@osumc.edu

Phone: (614) 292-0523