Our Mission

The Data Core in College of Medicine Research Information Technology provisions access to clinical data for research, using experts in the Clarity and Caboodle models to consult on and fulfill clinical data requests. Data analysts in the Data Core work with researchers to understand and fulfill their requests through the Honest Broker.

Clinical data access

Request clinical data for research through the Honest Broker

Clinical data expertise

Refine Honest Broker requests with a better understanding of data models

Analysis-ready datasets

Use your preferred analytical tools to work on self-serve datasets

Why consult the Data Core?

Data Core14

Increased data availability and accessibility

The Data Core comprises experts in multiple data models who help researchers get access to data. They keep up with continuous changes in the clinical data model to better extract clinical data for research through the Honest Broker.

Data Core Services

Data Core Services


Aeryn Amyot Smyth
Manager, Research Data Analytics Core

Prasanna Dandamudi
BMI Data Analyst

Lakshmi Gupta
Sr Business Systems Analyst