Our Mission

The Governance Core within College of Medicine Research Information Technology provides direction for managing health information throughout its lifecycle for the biomedical research community. Governance offers guidance to the biomedical research community on how to organize, protect, share and store health data through actionable policies and procedures. The Governance Core promotes advancements in science and clinical treatment, and services administrative needs through strategic planning and performance monitoring to improve effectiveness.

Data governance consultation

Procedural guidance for data transfer, retention and removal across research lifecycle and research laboratory onboarding and closeout

Guidance on data management

Create a data management plan for a grant proposal

Compliance expertise

Meet privacy standards to maintain compliance with The Health Information Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 for protected health information and the Common Rule for human subjects research

Policy development and training

Develop standards to access high performance computing and storage resources and coordinate preliminary training to facilitate resource management

Why consult the Governance Core?


Make key decisions around data

Maintain compliance with privacy and security requirements of health and research data, demonstrate performance and goal achievement in scholarship and clinical treatment, and develop organizational structure to improve effectiveness of the use of health and research data and coordination of data within and between institutions.

Researchers can consult Governance at any point in the research process. A consult is often helpful when making key decisions around data retention and removal, to confirm compliance with regulations and learn about appropriate tools and resources for data management.


Facilitation of lab onboarding and closeouts

When researchers are moving from other institutions to The Ohio State University, Governance assists in transferring data from the previous institution. With knowledge of the tools and processes required to transfer data, Governance corresponds with the researcher and the IT specialists at each institution to make the transfer seamless.

Governance Core Services

Governance Core Services


Colin Odden
Director and Deputy CRIO

Curtis Walker
Data Governance Senior Analyst