Our Mission

The Research User Experience and Design (RUED) core within College of Medicine Research Information Technology empowers faculty and clinician researchers to create digital products that improve clinical outcomes for patients, families and caregivers. We employ human-centered design strategies to ensure the finished product works for the people using it.

Listening to clients

Partnering with researchers to understand their needs

Capturing user requirements

Meeting with system users to discuss system preferences and their current challenges

Human-centered design

Creating systems that work for the people using them

System evaluation

Evaluating usability, usefulness and desirability of the systems used in research

Why consult Research User Experience and Design (RUED)?


Make your website or app more effective

RUED involves potential users from the start of its design process. By employing sophisticated interview and testing techniques, we can pinpoint what people expect from a system and provide suggestions for how to make it better.


Save time and resources

Before a single line of code is written, RUED seeks feedback on its designs. By creating prototypes that look and feel like using a real website or app, we can test them with people and make changes early on in the process, when it's quick and not costly to do so.

Research User Experience and Design (RUED) Services



Robert Strouse
Director of Digital User Experience

Emma Boettcher
Senior User Experience Analyst

Lauren Phelps
Health Information Program Manager

Yiting Wang
User Experience Specialist