About Accessing the Secondary Data Core

The Secondary Data Core (SDC) is a shared resource for The Ohio State University researchers that stores and synthesizes large-scale clinical datasets on an analytic platform. Through the SDC, researchers can use data such as Truven Marketscan, the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project, and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Claims, or they can request to add their own data to the SDC. SDC enables continuous, systematic analysis and interpretation of health-related data and connected datasets.


Why would you need to access the secondary data core?


Cross-dataset discovery

Data within the SDC is presented to users in formats that follow common ontologies. Using ontology matching, the SDC uses common data elements across datasets to facilitate cross-dataset discovery. This allows researchers to ask their analytic question of many datasets via a single operation rather than having to obtain and prepare each dataset they wish to analyze.


Multi-year, continuously updated datasets

Data in the SDC is standardized across multiple years or waves of the same data source. As new data become available, users' working datasets are automatically updated and stored analyses are automatically executed on the new data.