What is i2b2?

i2b2 is a self-service resource allowing researchers to conduct feasibility studies and cohort discovery using a coded-limited dataset sourced from the EHR. Querying i2b2 provides aggregate data without submitting the request to an Honest Broker.


Researchers can use i2b2's drag and drop interface to form their own queries.

Why would you need to use i2b2?


Determine study feasibility

Researchers can query the research data repository using i2b2 in order to learn whether their study population will comprise enough patients to be statistically significant. Queries using i2b2 can be continuously refined until the researcher is confident they've reached an accurate description of their intended population.


Profile a research population

i2b2 returns aggregate data from The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center EHR, not specific records. However, this information can be used to discover characteristics of a study population not previously considered and understanding better what that population might look like.

Access and training for i2b2

i2b2 is available to faculty and staff affiliated with Ohio State Wexner Medical Center or The Ohio State University health sciences colleges. All prospective users must complete training on related policies.

i2b2 is available on Wednesdays to researchers who have completed training. If you need additional time using i2b2, contact RIT.

Researchers using i2b2 should follow the CCTS acknowledgement guidelines.