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Office of Medical Education


Our Mission :

To achieve excellence in medical education through curricular implementation and assessment. 

Our Values :

We promote ethical standards in our daily conduct and duties. 

We achieve success through collective performance, adaptability, and mutual respect.

We strive to find the most effective and efficient way to improve medical education by embracing new ideas, creativity, and inventive solutions.

We commit to doing our best to attain superior results and exceed expectations.

We demonstrate guidance and direction by taking initiative to go beyond what is expected.

We support the interest and welfare of others above our own self-interest through altruism, accountability and respect for others.

Our Functions:

Curriculum Implementation - We actively participate in curriculum implementation through collaborations with Academic Program Committees (APC), educational leadership, faculty and students.  We support APC curriculum committees, the Executive Curriculum Committee and related committees to coordinate and manage student and faculty schedules to assure curriculum and instruction occur as planned.  We provide opportunities for members of the university community by recruiting alumni and community physicians to support the College of Medicine programs.  Innovation and continuous improvement are guiding principles in curriculum management and implementation.

Assessment and Evaluation- We consult and advise program personnel, faculty, and administrators on matters involving educational measurement, standard setting, test administration, performance assessment, and methods for the evaluation of instructors and courses.  We administer, score and report results of written and computerized examinations to faculty, students, and administrators.  We also serve as the liaison to the National Board of Medical Examiners by communicating Board issues, facilitating enrollment for Board exams, and processing and reporting Board exam results.