Cardiovascular Imaging Research Center (CIRC)

CIRC is a state-of-the-art imaging core facility capable of in vivo imaging of human subjects and large animals for research purposes. It includes whole-body magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners, whole-body X-ray computed tomography (CT) scanners, image post-processing hardware and software, and scientific and engineering personnel with expertise in human and large animal cardiovascular imaging. CIRC has access to CT and MRI (1.5T) equipment located in the Ross Heart Hospital, and to MRI (0.55T and 3T) equipment located at the Martha Morehouse Outpatient Center. CIRC is administrated through the Dorothy M. Davis Heart and Lung Research Institute (DHLRI) and is a collaborative effort with the OSU Heart and Vascular Center (HVC). CIRC is under the direction of Drs. Orlando Simonetti and Yuchi Han and is available as a resource to all investigators at The Ohio State University (OSU), as well as at other academic institutions and commercial organizations. 

CIRC offers the following services: 

Consultation – investigators meet with a representative from CIRC to identify the appropriate imaging modality and design the optimal imaging experiments to achieve their scientific objectives.

Guidance – the investigators are provided guidance on appropriate IACUC or IRB protocol requirements, and instructed on proper screening and preparation of the human subject or research animal for imaging, and assistance with scheduling.

Imaging – image acquisition is performed by one of the fully-trained CIRC research staff, or hospital MRI/CT technologists if appropriate.

Analysis and Interpretation – Quantitative image analysis performed by CIRC staff is available to investigators. Modality dependent image analysis software is available for both MRI and CT. Non-standard image analysis and data interpretation may be provided using additional software packages, or custom-designed software developed by CIRC scientific and engineering staff. CIRC staff will work with personnel from investigator laboratories to develop and implement image analysis workflows to meet their specific projects. Investigators have the option of receiving the raw image data and performing all image data analysis themselves without assistance from CIRC.


For more information on the services the CIRC may provide, please email