2023 Research Day

Research Day Recap

Shane Scott at 2023 DHLRI Research Day

On October 10, 2023, the Dorothy M. Davis Heart and Lung Research Institute hosted its 18th Annual Research Day, showcasing the latest projects and achievements of its faculty and students. The event featured ~130 poster presentations and talks by researchers from various areas of cardiovascular and lung disease. Dr. John Warner, CEO of the Wexner Medical Center and Executive Vice President of The Ohio State University, gave remarks and the introduction to keynote speaker Anthony Rosenzweig, MD, a renowned expert in identifying novel mechanism and therapeutic targets in heart failure, using the exercised heart to understand heart health. 

Over the past many years, the DHLRI Research Day successes were due, in part, to the unwavering philanthropic support of our friend Charles (Chuck) Webb. Losing a strong advocate of the Institute in June, we pay tribute to his memory and his continuing legacy for his passion of research and social responsibility. His support provided the platform from which to celebrate our best and brightest. 


The day concluded with an awards ceremony where we recognized the outstanding achievements of the DHLRI family recognizing their efforts to advance science and innovation.

Distinguished Award Recipients: 

Anthony Rosenzweig with DHLRI Leadership
  • Lorri Fowler - DHLRI Director's Award
  • Orlando Simonetti, PhD - Melissa G. Piper Distinguished Mentor Award
  • Yingman Liu, PhD - Distinguished Basic Research Staff Award
  • Akash Goyal, MD - Distinguished Clinical Fellow Award
  • DeeAnn Willis-Berry - Distinguished Administrative Staff Award
  • Tatiana Cuellar Gaviria, PhD - Post -Doctoral Scholar of the Year Award
  • Vrishti Phadumdeo - Graduate Student of the Year Award

Poster Award Recipients: 

  • Sally Diep and Aidan George - 1st Place Undergraduate
  • Hank Kern - 2nd Place Undergraduate
  • Jeniffer Park - 3rd Place Undergraduate
  • Aaron Argall - 1st Place Pre-Doctoral 
  • Benjamin Johnson - 2nd Place Pre-Doctoral
  • Sarah Sturgill - 3rd Place Pre-Doctoral
  • Elisa Felix Soriano, PhD - 1st Place Post-Doctoral
  • Paula Agudelo Garcia, PhD - 2nd Place Post-Doctoral 
  • Jyotsna Joshi, PhD - 3rd Place Post-Doctoral
  • Mithu De, PhD - 1st Place Research Staff
  • Ege Kacira - 2nd Place Research Staff
  • Magdalena Blaszkiewicz, PhD - 3rd Place Research Staff
  • Ian Bentley, MD - 1st Place Clinical Fellow
  • Azariyas Challa, MD - 2nd Place Clinical Fellow
  • Ashlee Asada, MD - 3rd Place Clinical Fellow
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