WEXMED Live: Discovery and Innovation in Medicine

WEXMED Live is a collection of WexMed Talks, engaging presentations about innovative medical discoveries made by physicians and scientists of The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. 
WEXMED talks by DHLRI Members can be found below. 

Thomas Hund, PhD

Interdisciplinary research to advance heart breakthroughs (April 2022)

Thomas Ryan, MD

Next Gen Heart Care: Miniature Devices to Genomics (September 2016)

Nahush Mokadam, MD

Pacing Your Heart in an Artificial World (March 2019)

Kristin Stanford, PhD

The previously unexplored benefits of exercise (November 2018)

John Hummel, MD, FACC

Giving Heart Care a Jolt: How Research into Electrical Impulses is Improving Patients' Lives (June 2018)

Bryan A. Whitson, MD, PhD, FACS

Unique approach to improving transplant outcomes (December 2021)

Brian Hansen

Learning More About Cardiac Arrhythmia by Keeping Human Hearts Alive (September 2017)