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The Ohio State University Department of Emergency Medicine has a nationally recognized ultrasound program, and ultrasound has been part of our residency for more than 15 years. The program has an active ultrasound fellowship and a wonderful relationship and budding fellowship with the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Program at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. As leaders in ultrasound education, our faculty lecture internationally and are highly involved in national ultrasound organizations.

Dr. David Bahner is the emergency medicine ultrasound guru with The Ohio State University Department of Emergency Medicine. Dr. Bahner says that ultrasound is like a flashlight that allows us to see inside the human body. Honors ultrasound medical students have created most of the content found here. Additional educational ultrasound content is available on the OSU Ultrasound website.

Ultrasound Educational Apps

The Ohio State ultrasound app, POC U/S, is a guide to obtaining high quality ultrasounds of patients at the point of care. It is intended to guide medical students, ultrasonography students, medical residents and physicians through the steps for obtaining each view within seven categories of point of care ultrasonography. The Ohio State OB US app provides guidelines for obtaining point of care ultrasound images for obstetric applications.
OSUEM Specific Resources

OSUEM Specific Resources