Visiting Medical Students

Emergency Medicine Visiting Student Electives

A rotation in Emergency Medicine at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center provides an excellent opportunity for students to receive exposure to a wide variety of patient cases and patient populations with high acuity; access to our robust didactics curriculum, which features a “flipped classroom” model; evidence-based, small-group sessions; maximized use of technology, and simulation and procedural sessions; and the opportunity to practice alongside our team of incredible residents, faculty and staff.

Our department currently offers three different elective courses for visiting students: Emergency Medicine, Emergency Medicine/Internal Medicine (EM/IM) and Emergency Point-of-Care Ultrasound. Each rotation is four weeks in length. We are happy to provide students who complete the Emergency Medicine rotation with a department eSLOE, students completing the EM/IM rotation will receive an O-SLOE, and students completing the Ultrasound rotation will receive a SLOE – Subspecialty.

For the 2022-2023 academic year, our program catalog and schedule will be available to view in the Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO) in mid-March 2022. Our College of Medicine will begin processing VSLO applications on May 15, 2022. Please visit The Ohio State University College of Medicine’s visiting students page for more information regarding the visiting student application process.

2022-2023 Rotation dates are listed below:

Emergency Medicine
Rotation 3: July 5-29
Rotation 4: Aug. 1-26
Rotation 5: Aug. 29-Sept. 23
Rotation 6: Sept. 26-Oct. 21

Emergency Medicine/Internal Medicine
Rotation 5: Aug. 29-Sept. 23

Emergency Point-of-Care Ultrasound
Rotation 5: Aug. 29-Sept 23
Rotation 6: Sept. 26-Oct. 21
Rotation 7: Oct. 24-Nov. 18

College of Medicine Underrepresented in Medicine Visiting Student Program

The Underrepresented in Medicine Visiting Student Program at The Ohio State University College of Medicine presents an exciting opportunity to experience a one-month rotation at one of America’s top academic medical centers. This career development program aims to increase the percentage of students from underrepresented groups who train in one of our exceptional residency programs. In addition to active participation on the clinical rotation, students will have scheduled meetings with the associate dean for Diversity and Inclusion to facilitate career development and mentoring. A $2,000 diversity scholarship will be offered – $1,000 prior to completion and $1,000 after completion of the rotation. The College of Medicine diversity scholarship is available to students from racial and ethnic populations that are underrepresented in the medical profession relative to their numbers in the general population.

Emergency Medicine Visiting Student Scholarships

The Department of Emergency Medicine is committed to increasing opportunities for students from underrepresented groups to train within our specialty. Our department will offer up to four $2,000 scholarships to students from underrepresented backgrounds to help alleviate the financial demands related to travel, lodging and other student needs.

Students applying for a departmental scholarship should be in their fourth year of medical school with plans to apply for an Emergency Medicine residency position. Students from racial or ethnic backgrounds that are underrepresented in medicine and students who identify with other underrepresented groups such as the LGBT community and first-generation college students are encouraged to apply.

Students interested in applying for either the College of Medicine or Departmental Diversity Scholarships should apply for the rotation through VSLO and contact Stephanie Hazen at to receive scholarship application instructions. Students will not be awarded more than one scholarship. All application materials along with the rotation application should be received by May 15. We will begin notifying recipients of the Departmental Diversity Scholarship on May 20, 2022.

 Medical Courses

First and second-year medical students: Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG)

Students have the opportunity to participate in ultrasound education through EMIG. Four-hour shadowing opportunities are available to students interested in emergency medicine by contacting EMIG. Students that wish to shadow must have current PPD on file and have taken the OSU Medical Center HIPAA training.

Third-year medical students: Emergency Medicine Elective

Emergency medicine elective rotations are available to third year medical students as part of an ambulatory rotation.

Fourth-year medical students: Advanced Management in Hospital Based Care - Emergency Medicine (AMHBC-EM)

AMHBC-EM is a mandatory rotation for all OSU College of Medicine fourth-year students. Students schedule their preference of clinical site: 

Honors Options

Honors Ultrasound

Honors Ultrasound is an in-depth focus on ultrasound during a 10-month longitudinal rotation for fourth-year medical students.

Advanced Topics in Emergency Medicine Honors Course

Designed for students interested in pursuing emergency medicine in residency, ATEM is a 10-month longitudinal course for the fourth-year medical student.

Medical Student Education Leaders

Cynthia Leung

Cynthia Leung, MD, PhD

ATEM Director

Assistant Professor

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Christopher San Miguel, MD

MED 4 Clerkship Director (AMHBC-EM)

Assistant Professor

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Benjamin Ostro, MD

Med 3 Clerkship Director

Assistant Professor

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