Meet Our Residents

Our academic, research-oriented institution has a long tradition of training leaders in family medicine. Learn more about our diverse and talented group of family medicine residents.

PGY3 Residents


Brad Christoph, DO

Co-Chief Resident

DO: Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine
Graduate: Tufts University School of Medicine (MS Pain Research, Education, and Policy)
Undergraduate: Furman University
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Why I chose Ohio State: For the opportunity to obtain an advanced degree during residency, the congenial feel of the program, and to learn in and serve the people of my home state.

Pat Dyer, MD

MD: University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences 
Undergraduate: University of Dayton 
Hometown: Toledo, OH
Why I chose Ohio State: The program has a family feel with wonderful, supportive, and knowledgeable residents and faculty. It has an incredible amount of resources to help guide my training. The program provides great community training as well, which will help prepare me for the future.

Amythest Gauthier, MD

MD: Northeast Ohio Medical University
Undergraduate: Youngstown State University
Hometown: Mason, OH
Why I chose Ohio State: I chose OSU because of all of the amazing residents, faculty, and staff. There was a great energy and everyone is full of enthusiasm. Ohio State Family Medicine has created an environment that encourages and supports learning and I really felt at home when I visited. There are so many opportunities here and I really love being a part of the OSU family.

Katie Kessler, MD

MD: The Ohio State University College of Medicine
Undergraduate: Wofford College
Hometown: Springboro, OH
Why I chose Ohio State: I had a great experience on my sub-internship as a medical student and love the people here. Some highlights for me include our strong history of residents pursuing sports medicine fellowships, the longitudinal elective, and the inpatient service at East Hospital.

Dan Krajcik, DO

DO: Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine
Undergraduate: John Carroll University
Hometown: Avon Lake, OH
Why I chose Ohio State: The current residents immediately felt like family. I also know that Ohio State could provide me with the opportunities to achieve my future goals for patient care and healthcare leadership. Lastly, the residents and attendings are also very open and interested to the diverse training.

Shreya Reddy, MD

MD: Northeast Ohio Medical University
Undergraduate: Kent State University
Hometown: Mason, OH
Why I chose Ohio State: I immediately felt welcome, the residents were outgoing, intelligent, and seemed to really love the program. I was looking for a balance between an academic and community program.

Sara Scott, MD

Co-Chief Resident

MD: University of Michigan Medical School
Undergraduate: University of Wisconsin
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Why I chose Ohio State: I value the supportive environment and strong commitment to teaching. I value the resources and opportunities that Ohio State provides, and know that I have the opportunity to work with leaders in many fields. I will get significant exposure to providing culturally competent care in multicultural and lower socioeconomic communities.

Malvika Sharma, MD

Co-Chief Resident

MD: Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine
Undergraduate: University of Cincinnati 
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Why I chose Ohio State: It has the right balance and resources of a large academic medical center with the feel of a community program. There is a very welcoming atmosphere as well as numerous opportunities to pursue electives and the opportunity to work with and learn from renowned specialists.

PGY2 Residents


Ayo Adesanya, MD, PhD

MD: The Ohio State University
Undergraduate: University of Chicago
Hometown: Greenville, IL
Why I chose Ohio State: I cherish OSU's welcoming environment, academic resources, clinical training, and dedicated, down-to-earth, and team-based approach to patient care. Given my interest in preventive medicine and community-based research, I know training at OSU will tremendously prepare me for a wide scope of future opportunities.


Kathryn Anderson, DO

DO: Ohio University - Dublin
Undergraduate: University of Dayton
Hometown: Columbus, OH
Why I chose Ohio State: I chose Ohio State because on interview day, I knew this was the program that was the best fit for me. Everyone at the program was so welcoming and supportive. The CarePoint East site allows me to focus on urban and underserved medicine, which I plan to pursue as an NHSC scholar.

Logan Beckett, DO

DO: Ohio University
Undergraduate: Shawnee State University
Hometown: Seaman, OH
Why I chose Ohio State: I chose Ohio State because this program has a unique balance of community medicine in the presence of a large academic center. The residents, faculty, and staff were genuine and kind on interview day. This program fosters a learning atmosphere with a robust amount of resources that will allow me to make the most of my training.

Dev Desai, MD

MD: University of South Carolina - Greenville
Undergraduate: Clemson University
Hometown: Fort Mill, SC
Why I chose Ohio State: Right when I got here, I instantly connected with the residents and faculty and knew Columbus was the place I had to be. Even with the diverse personalities among the residents, there truly is a bond that makes this program feel like a big family. Not to mention, the excellent reputation of the program and variety of Sports Medicine opportunities.


Lillian Hetson, MD, MA

MD: Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED)
Undergraduate: University of Akron
Hometown: Hubbard, OH
Why I chose Ohio State: As a lifelong Ohio native, The Ohio State University was already at the top of my list. What solidified the choice for me was the amazing atmosphere and opportunities Ohio State had to offer in terms of people, education and research. It’s amazing to have the opportunity to learn from so many amazing people.


Dana Maxwell, DO

DO: Ohio University
Undergraduate: Lesley University
Hometown: Colchester, CT
Why I chose Ohio State: I chose OSU because I felt it had the perfect blend of having an “un-opposed” presence at OSU East, as well as being a valued team member at Wexner Medical Center. I could tell throughout the interview process that the residents were very well-trained and competent, while having a good balance of work and play.


Adam Pfaller, MD

MD: University of Wisconsin
Undergraduate: University of Wisconsin
Hometown: West Allis, WI
Why I chose Ohio State: I chose Ohio State because of the wonderful people and the ability to train at both a community hospital and an academic medical center.  Additionally, my interest in Sports Medicine fits well with the outstanding sports medicine program.

Christopher Skok, DO

DO: Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine
Undergraduate: Indiana University
Hometown: Valparaiso, IN
Why I chose Ohio State: I valued the leadership focus of the program, opportunity to complete an advanced degree, longitudinal elective time, and the warm, welcoming environment evident throughout the program.

Kyle Toth, DO

DO: Ohio University - Dublin
Undergraduate: The Ohio State University
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Why I chose Ohio State: The opportunities and resources available through this program made it truly unique compared to other programs I interviewed at. I appreciate having the opportunity to train at a renowned academic institution, while still having the feel of a community program. Everyone was also very welcoming!

PGY1 Residents


MaryBrooke Burval, MD

MD: University of Maryland
Undergraduate: University of Pittsburgh
Hometown: Owings, MD
Why I chose Ohio State: I knew that a residency at OSU would prepare me to practice Family Medicine in any of its many forms. The chance to train in a world-class medical center with experts across specialties complements the community-hospital feel found at OSU East. On my interview day, the welcome I experienced from the residents and faculty confirmed that this incredible community was the one I wanted to join.

Amara Ugwu Decker, MD, MPH

MD: The Ohio State University
Graduate: Emory University Rollins School of Public Health 
Undergraduate: University of Chicago
Hometown: Columbus, OH/Enugu, Nigeria
Why I chose Ohio State: Ohio State's Family Medicine program is the perfect balance of community-based practice and academic-focused research. I have found the faculty to be accomplished and experienced teachers that are invested in my development as a physician. Also, Columbus is a great place to learn; the diversity of patients and their needs adds to the strength of this program.


Anthony DeMarco, MD

MD: University of Cincinnati 
Undergraduate: Mount Vernon Nazarene University
Hometown: Canton, OH
Why I chose Ohio State: I enjoyed meeting with everyone and the program seemed like an excellent fit for me! Not to mention, Columbus is an awesome city filled with a diversity of people and variety of activities. Finally, it was near to my hometown and family. 


Alicia Monahan, MD

MD: West Virginia University School of Medicine
Undergraduate: John Carrol University
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Why I chose Ohio State: The opportunity to train at a community hospital within a large academic center brings together the best of "opposed" and "unopposed" programs. The residents and faculty were genuinely happy and excited to be at OSU. And Columbus seemed like a fun, vibrant city to live in! 

Elizabeth Pawlowski, DO

DO: Ohio University
Undergraduate: John Carroll University
Hometown: Fairview Park, OH
Why I chose Ohio State: The program from its leadership to its residents genuinely enjoyed spending time with one another. It created for a fun, supportive and inclusive environment making me feel at home right away. The Ohio StateFamily Medicine Residency Program has the best of both words, a large academic institution and a smaller community hospital. Plus, I knew Columbus was a great city to be in and would allow for me to pursue my passions both in and outside of medicine.

Allison Porter, MD

MD: The Ohio State University
Undergraduate: The Ohio State University
Hometown: Chagrin Falls, OH
Why I chose Ohio State: Columbus and Ohio State have been my home away from home during my undergraduate and medical school years. It has been an incredible place to live and learn. The city is growing so rapidly, I never feel like I run out of places to explore or things to do. Ohio State has provided me with endless opportunities to develop myself through the myriad of resources available to students, residents, and faculty. I am humbled to work with so many incredible attending physicians and co-residents who bring exceptional knowledge and enthusiasm to everything they do!


Lexie Wiegel, DO

DO: Marian University 
Undergraduate: University of Dayton
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Why I chose Ohio State: I was looking for a program with a community feel and a strong academic background. This program is the best of both worlds with our community hospital inpatient service and rotations with other OSU residency programs at Wexner. Everyone was welcoming and fun during the interview process and I felt right at home!

Katherine Woebkenberg, MD

MD: Tulane University School of Medicine
Graduate: Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine
Undergraduate: Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Why I chose Ohio State: I chose Ohio State not only because of the amazing people, but because of the program's emphasis on community health and patient care. Our training provides us with the appropriate knowledge and tools to address both medical and social/environmental factors affecting patient health. At Ohio State, there are countless resources and opportunities to pursue any and all interests in family medicine.


Kirubel Zeleke, MD

MD: Long School of Medicine at The University of Texas Health San Antonio
Graduate: Tulane University 
Undergraduate: University of Minnesota
Hometown: St. Paul, MN / Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Why I chose Ohio State: I chose Ohio State because of the welcoming environment and the keen focus on addressing health care disparities and social inequalities. There are many opportunities to care for underserved populations at East hospital and endless opportunities to grow as a professional within the Wexner Medical Center.

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