Call for Applications

Faculty and staff members working in the primary care field are encouraged to apply and submit proposals for funding.  

If you have any questions, please reach out to

About the Crisafi-Monte Endowment Fund

The estates of Bertha and Jack Crisafi and Clara and Victor Monte established the Crisafi-Monte Endowment Fund in November 1990 with the primary intent that it be “used to support research, teaching and scholarship in diseases of the heart, lung and related disorders, with particular attention given to individuals in the disciplines of primary care and family medicine.” This fund is used to support this grant program.

Application Guidelines

Applications for grant support from the Crisafi-Monte Endowment shall adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Applications must be used to support research, scholarship and teaching in diseases of the heart, lung and related disorders with particular attention given to individuals in the disciplines of primary care and family medicine.
  2. It is the intent that the endowment be used to help advance the career of the investigator(s) and is generally expected to support the gathering of pilot data.
  3. Proposals are expected not to exceed $50,000 in total costs. 
  4. Crisafi-Monte Endowment funds may not be used for travel, construction or entertainment.
  5. Crisafi-Monte Endowment funds may be expended on such items as faculty salaries, statistical support, staff support and other research-related resources.
  6. Application submissions must include a detailed budget and budget justification, both of which explain how these resources link to the proposed project. Note: We highly encourage that applicants obtain approval of their proposed project budget from their department administrator or fiscal officer prior to application submission. 
  7. Application submissions will only be considered complete when the issued Application Assurance and Signature Sheet via Docusign is executed by proposed PI and corresponding department administrator and chair.

Application Process

Prepare Your Grant Application

An application worksheet will be available to assist you and your team in the preparation of your application submission. 

Access the application worksheet and budget template.

Submit Your Grant Application

All applications should be submitted to

The submission window will be open from 3/15/24 to 4/15/24.

Obtain Department Approvals

Once we have received your application, an Application Assurance and Signature Sheet will be issued via Docusign. 

This will require electronic signatures from your proposed project’s PI and corresponding Department DA and Chair (listed in your application).