How you can help

Family medicine is a central and vital component of the health care system now and far into the future. Family physicians are on the front lines of medicine, providing personalized, first-contact care for adults and children, and helping patients navigate through today’s complex medical system.

Providing resources to support our faculty’s research, education, clinical and service efforts is essential to the long-term success of our department. To ensure that we can recruit and retain the best and brightest—whether students, residents, fellows or faculty—numerous opportunities are available to give. Please consider one of these existing funds or visit our Ways to Give page.

Development Funds

Development Funds are designed to allow immediate use of available funds. This allows more flexibility regarding meeting defined needs.

Endowment Funds

Currently the Department of Family and Community Medicine has the following endowment funds. Each endowment fund is based on the concept that excellent programs require substantial, consistent and permanent funding.

Gifts are invested in perpetuity. A portion of the distribution (interest) of any given endowment fund may be reinvested in the fund at the request of the donor or the department to further enhance the fund’s buying power over time. Presently, four to four and a half percent of the market value of each fund is distributed to support desired activities.