Fostering professional development in gastroenterology and hepatology

The Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition strives to provide up-to-date clinical and research information in appropriate educational formats so that participants are able to improve their knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors, as well as clinical outcomes for their patients.

Our vision is to provide physicians and other health care professionals with exemplary educational endeavors that teach evidence-based practices and identify new and emerging health care needs and opportunities from research through delivery of care so that, through education, we can significantly improve health.

As a result of these educational activities, we foster the continuing professional development of health care professionals. Our offerings are intended to enhance training for physicians and other health care professionals in a manner that will positively affect professional knowledge with the goal of improving patient care.

Division Conferences and Meetings

Division Conferences and Meetings

Conferences and meetings occur on a weekly and monthly basis.