About the Program

The establishment of the first-ever fellowship in cyclic vomiting syndrome (CVS) at The Ohio State University marks a significant milestone in the field of gastroenterology. Led by the world-renowned expert Thangam Venkatesan, MD, this fellowship offers an invaluable opportunity for training future CVS specialists and advancing the care of patients with this disorder.
This one-year fellowship provides aspiring gastroenterologists with a unique and much-needed chance to receive specialized training in CVS. Under the guidance of Dr. Venkatesan, a distinguished authority in the field, fellows will gain hands-on experience and learn from real-life cases. This immersive learning experience will enable them to develop the skills and expertise required to effectively diagnose and manage CVS, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes.

Furthermore, fellows will have unparalleled access to the largest cohort of CVS patients and benefit from the extensive research conducted by Dr. Venkatesan. They will actively participate in various research studies, with the potential to make groundbreaking discoveries in the field.

As fellows from diverse regions come together to receive training and gain experience in CVS, they will have the opportunity to exchange ideas, learn from each other’s experiences and establish lasting professional connections. This collaborative environment will foster a culture of innovation, preparing fellows for future academic careers in Neurogastroenterology and CVS.
Join the pioneering CVS fellowship at The Ohio State University and embark on a journey toward becoming a leader in the field. Expand your expertise, contribute to groundbreaking research and make a meaningful impact on the lives of patients suffering from cyclic vomiting syndrome.

Program Details

Clinical Opportunities

  • Weekly CVS clinics under the mentorship of Dr. Venkatesan
  • Observation and participation in interdisciplinary care teams
  • Management of complex patients with CVS on the inpatient service
  • Didactic sessions on CVS pathophysiology, diagnosis and management

Research Opportunities

  • Trainees will learn how to design, conceptualize, conduct and analyze research studies related to CVS, including clinical trials, and observational studies.
  • They will become familiar with using appropriate research methods and tools, such as statistical software, data collection and large databases.
  • They will acquire the necessary skills to produce high-quality, original research related to CVS and contribute to the academic literature in this field.
  • Trainees will participate in at least one research and one quality improvement project in CVS, with the aim of submitting a manuscript and presenting their work at a major GI conference.

Eligibility Criteria

  • MD, DO or equivalent degree
  • Completion of a three-year U.S. postgraduate residency training in ACGME-accredited program
  • Demonstrated interest in the clinical care of CVS patients

Application Process

Interested candidates may apply by emailing the program director, Dr. Venkatesan, at Thangam.Venkatesan@osumc.edu and program coordinator, Casey Suich, at Casey.Suich@osumc.edu with the following:

  • An updated curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Two letters of recommendation

We are now accepting applications for the 2025-2026 academic year.

Program Director

Thangam Venkatesan, MDThangam Venkatesan, MD






Assistant Program Director: David Westrich, MD
Assistant Program Director: Ana Petrova, MD
Program Coordinator: Casey Suich

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