Welcome to the Department of Neuroscience

Our faculty are distinguished scientists with international reputations for excellence in research, education and service. Through research focused on cells, molecules and genes that regulate function in the brain and spinal cord, we are making novel discoveries that are shaping fundamental knowledge about how the nervous system develops and functions. Through partnerships with clinical colleagues, our faculty also are helping develop innovative therapies to treat neurological disease. I invite you to explore more about our department and welcome any inquiries about our research, educational opportunities, potential partnerships or career options.

With regards, 

Phillip Popovich, PhD
Professor and Chair, Department of Neuroscience

We are research leaders
Basic and translational neuroscience research interests in the department include emphasis in the areas of neurotrauma (traumatic brain and spinal cord injury), neuroimmunology, development and regeneration in the central nervous system, channels and receptors, behavior and biological rhythms, drug discovery, neurodegenerative disease, glial biology, computational neuroscience, and more.

We enjoy what we do
Our team has established outstanding partnerships with world-class clinicians that are built on mutual respect and a desire to challenge each person’s thinking. It is an environment that accelerates innovation and energizes our day-to-day efforts. Key translational research and drug-discovery programs can be found here.

We receive substantial support
As a department within one of the nation’s largest academic medical centers, we have access to state-of-the-art facilities and tremendous technical and intellectual resources, including one of the world’s largest collaborative network of scientists and academic thought leaders. Significant grant support from the NIH, NSF, Department of Defense and private foundations fuels our novel research programs and training opportunities. Unique to our department is our P30-funded Neuroscience Core Facility and a T32 Pre-Doctoral Training Program in Neuroimmunology.

We believe in life-long learning
We are dedicated to training the next generation of neuroscientists. Our faculty lead graduate programs in neuroscience as well as molecular and cellular developmental biology and participate as faculty mentors in all available graduate programs on campus.   Each program offers a robust curriculum for graduate trainees, and community outreach programs designed to spark interest in neuroscience, particularly among high school students.