Discovery Prep Mentors

Bogdan Beirowski, MD, PhD

Bogdan Beirowski, MD, PhD

  • Neurology
    Clinical: Neuromuscular Conditions
    Research: the relationship of axonal bioenergetics and glial metabolism
Elisabetta Babetto, PhD

Elisabetta Babetto, PhD

  • Neurology
    Unveiling the driving forces of axon degeneration and act on these forces to alter the rate of axon loss

Sharon Amacher, PhD

  • Molecular Genetics
    Sequential determination of cells during vertebrate development.

Candice Askwith, PhD

  • Neuroscience
    Role of ion channels in neurological disease and normal physiology.

Kellie Archer, PhD

  • Biostatistics
    Development of statistical methods and computational algorithms for analyzing high-throughput genomic data.

Michael Bailey, PhD

  • Center for Microbial Pathogenesis, Nationwide Children’s Hospital
    Bidirectional interactions between the host physiology and microbes within the gastrointestinal tract (the microbiome).

Ruth Barrientos, PhD

  • Psychiatry and Behavioral Health
    The role of inflammation on cognitive impairments in aging.

Brandon Biesiadecki, PhD

  • Physiology
    Post-translation protein modifications in heart function.

Rodney Britt, PhD

  • Center for Perinatal Research, Nationwide Children’s Hospital
    Pathophysiology of neonatal and pediatric lung diseases.
Christin E. Burd, PhD

Christin Burd, PhD

  • Molecular Genetics and Cancer Biology and Genetics
    Cancer evolution and therapeutic resistance of tumors.

John Byrd, MD

  • Medicinal Chemistry and Veterinary Biosciences
    Therapeutic targeting with immune and targeted therapies for adult leukemia.

Lei Cao, PhD

  • Cancer Biology and Genetics
    Anti-cancer and anti-obesity phenotypes induced by a complex environment.

Dawn Chandler PhD

  • Center for Childhood Cancer and Blood Diseases, Nationwide Children’s Hospital
    Pre-mRNA splicing in cancer and neurological disease.

Vincenzo Coppola, MD

  • Molecular Biology and Cancer Genetics
    Modeling biology of human disease in mice.

Zobeida Cruz-Monserrate, PhD

  • Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition
    The impact of obesity in the development of pancreatic diseases.

Jayajit Das, PhD

  • Battelle Center for Mathematical Medicine, Nationwide Children’s Hospital
    Developing a mechanistic understanding of host pathogen interactions using computational and theoretical methods.

Isabelle Deschenes, PhD

  • Physiology
    Molecular basis of cardiac arrhythmias.
Hamdy Elsayed-Awad

Hamdy Elsayed-Awad, MD

  • Anesthesiology
    Neurological damage following surgical complications.

Andy Fischer, PhD

  • Neuroscience
    The impact of stem cells on retinal degeneration and regeneration.
Kevin Flanigan

Kevin Flanigan, MD

  • Neuromuscular Research, Nationwide Children’s Hospital
    Genetic and molecular characterization of inherited neuromuscular diseases.

Adriana Forero, PhD

  • Microbial Infection & Immunity
    Identifying viral and host factors that promote maladaptive interferon (IFN) responses and contribute to the development of immunopathologies.

Michael Freitas, PhD

  • Molecular Biology and Cancer Genetics
    Proteomic approaches to investigate chromatin remodeling in cancer.

Daniel Gallego-Perez, PhD

  • Biomedical Engineering and General Surgery
    Development and implementation of novel nanotechnologies for applications in regenerative medicine and cancer.

Vidu Garg, MD

  • Cardiology, Nationwide Children’s Hospital
    Understanding the genetic basis of congenital heart disease and the molecular pathways regulating normal and abnormal cardiac development.
Erica Glasper, PhD

Erica Glasper, PhD

  • Neuroscience
    Understanding the interactions among neuroimmune function, endocrine systems and social behavior.

Aaron (Joseph) Goldman, PhD

  • Biological Chemistry and Pharmacology
    Gene expression mechanisms that underlie zebrafish heart regeneration.

Julie Golomb, PhD

  • Psychology
    Interactions between visual attention, memory, perception, and eye movements using human behavioral and computational cognitive neuroscience.

Peixuan Guo, PhD

  • Pharmaceutics and Pharmacology
    Nanobiotechnology and RNA Nanotechnology.
Tamar Gur, MD, PhD

Tamar Gur, MD, PhD

  • Psychiatry and Behavioral Health
    Maternal mental health in the development of psychiatric outcomes in offspring.

Renzhi Han, PhD

  • Cardiac Surgery
    CRISPR genome editing in understanding muscle physiology and disease, and therapeutic development.

Paco Herson, PhD

  • Neurosurgery
    Development of new therapeutic approaches to treat cerebrovascular disease.

Mark Hester, PhD

  • Institute for Genomic Medicine
    Translational neuroscience laboratory focused on understanding the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying neurological disorders such as pediatric epilepsy and autism.

Scott Harper, PhD

  • Center for Gene Therapy, Nationwide Children’s Hospital
    Developing RNAi-based approaches to treat neuromuscular and neurodegenerative disease.
Emily Hemann, PhD

Emily Hemann, PhD

  • Microbial Infection & Immunity
    Development of improved adjuvants and therapeutics against viral infection.

Paul Janssen, PhD

  • Physiology and Cell Biology
    The contractile dysfunction of muscle in heart failure and muscular dystrophy.

Jamie Jontes, PhD

  • Neuroscience
    Synapse and circuit formation in the vertebrate nervous system.

Lawrence Kirschner, MD, PhD

  • Molecular Biology and Cancer Genetics
    Signaling pathways that contribute to tumorigenesis in endocrine tumors.

Kathryn Lenz, PhD

  • Psychology
    The impact of the endocrine and immune systems on brain development and behavior.

Brenda Lilly, PhD

  • Center for Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Research
    Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Fundamentals of blood vessel formation and smooth muscle differentiation.

Amy Lovett-Racke, PhD

  • Microbial Infection and Immunity
    Role of T cells in the onset and progression of multiple sclerosis.

Dana McTigue, PhD

  • Neuroscience
    The role of adult progenitor cells in repair after CNS injury or disease.

M. Asuncion Mejias, MD, PhD

  • Center for Vaccines and Immunity, Nationwide Children’s Hospital
    Pathogenesis of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

Peter Mohler, PhD

  • Physiology
    Protein targeting in excitable cells and its role in arrhythmia of the heart.

Kirk Mykytyn, PhD

  • Biological Chemistry and Pharmacology
    Role of primary cilia in behavior and neurological disease.

Steve Oghumu, PhD

  • Pathology
    Cellular, molecular and immunological mechanisms of oral carcinogenesis and oral cancer chemoprevention.

Jose Otero, MD, PhD

  • Pathology and Neuroscience
    The mechanisms of post-natal brain development in health and disease with a particular focus on the autonomic nervous system.
Partida Sanchez_Santiago_460x460

Santiago Partida-Sanchez, PhD

  • Center for Microbial Pathogenesis, Nationwide Children’s Hospital
    Ion channels and their role in regulating migration of phagocytic cells during inflammation or infection.

Jeff Parvin, MD, PhD

  • Molecular Biology and Cancer Genetics
    Using bioinformatics as well as molecular and biochemical methods to study the biological processes underlying breast cancer.

Leah Pyter, PhD

  • Psychiatry and Behavioral Health
    Psychoneuroimmunology of the impact of stress and cancer on behavior and wound healing.

Jill Rafael-Fortney, PhD

  • Physiology and Cell Biology
    Molecular pathogenesis of Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Chad Rappleye, PhD

  • Microbial Infection & Immunity
    Molecular mechanisms that underlie the virulence of fungal pathogens.

Zakee Sabree, PhD

  • Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology
    Host-microbe interactions in the evolution of physiological structures.

Stephanie Seveau, PhD

  • Microbial Infection and Immunity
    Host-pathogen interactions of the intracellular pathogen Listeria monocytogenes.

John Sheridan, PhD

  • Behavioral Medicine
    The impact of chronic stress on the innate immune system and inflammation to affect behavior.

Sakima Smith, MD

  • Cardiovascular Medicine
    Cardiac physiology as it relates to heart failure and disease.

Kristin Stanford, PhD

  • Physiology and Cell Biology
    The impact of exercise and metabolic health on the response to injury.
Amanda Toland, PhD

Amanda Toland, PhD

  • Cancer Biology and Genetics
    Genetic susceptibility to colon, breast, and cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma.
Monica Venere, PhD

Monica Venere, PhD

  • Cancer Biology/Radiation Oncology
    Elucidate points of fragility for glioblastoma using cell and molecular biology, as well as animal models, and to exploit these findings to develop treatment modalities and/or improve current standards of care, thereby altering the dismal prognosis associated with these tumors.

Noah Weisleder, PhD

  • Physiology and Cell Biology
    Plasma membrane repair in skeletal muscle and cardiovascular pathology.

David Wood, PhD

  • Chemical and Biomedical Engineering
    Developing biotechnologies through engineering proteins for specific applications such as biosensing, protein purification drug discovery, and drug delivery.

Daniel Wozniak, PhD

  • Microbial Infection and Immunity
    Understanding the molecular biology and virulence of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in order to prevent persistent airway infections.

Jacob Yount, PhD

  • Microbial Infection and Immunity
    Aims to define cellular defense mechanisms active against viral pathogens.

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