The final report format should follow a research report in a peer-reviewed journal. We are aware that not all research produces the anticipated outcome. If your research gave unexpected results, report the outcome and suggest how the research might be restructured in the future to produce meaningful results. All recipients of research funding are required to submit a report regardless of the outcome of the studies.


A brief description of the background, methods, results, and conclusions (no more than 300 words).


Brief history of topic area with importance of the research project selected. State the hypothesis tests, important references should be cited.


A brief description of the methods including statistical methods.

Discussion and Conclusion/Results

Fully discuss the results and their implications. Compare and contrast your findings with the literature. Suggest the next series of studies.


Full citations are required including all authors, title, journal, volume, and year. Visit the Health Sciences Library for assistance with proper citations.

Publications and Presentations

A full list of all presentations and publications that have come from or are expected in the future from the work supported by the MDSR award.

How to submit your final or interim report:

Submit your final or interim report online; include a cover page with your full name, project title, mentors name and title the document your First_LastName Final Report, for example, Brutus_Buckeye Interim Report.
PDF's and Word documents will be accepted, a link to submit your final/interim report will be sent to all MDSRS awardees.