The Annual Medical Student Research Office Annual MDSR Research Symposium will follow a workshop format. The experience is designed to enhance MDSR students skills in scientific communication. At this event each MDSRS Scholar gives a no more than 5 minute oral poster presentation of the research they completed over the summer funded by an MDSRS research grant, this is followed by a short Q&A to a small faculty-facilitated group of peers. The session is also includes a break-out session with a discussion on Effective Approaches for Presenting Research Results and the Challenges in Meaningful Scientific Communication.

Poster Instructions

MDSRS projects will be presented in person in small groups.  Each MDSR trainee will submit a narrated or unnarrated version of their presentation prior to the in person event on Dec. 8th.  These presentation will be hosted online for the general public to view.  Directions on how to create a narrated PPT can be found here.  

Official Templates can be downloaded below, please check with your mentor on template requirements. 

Please email with any questions.

Abstract and Poster Submission Instructions

*Only one abstract/poster accepted per MDSR Scholar

  • When entering project information, DO NOT USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.
  • Type the abstract content into the space provided.  *Please do not copy and paste* this ensures special characters will translate.  (for example < and > symbols will break your submission and your entire abstract will not populate) 
  • Be sure your abstract is in Times New Roman 12 point font
    • Limit your abstract submission to no more than 200 words, Example Abstract (PDF)
    • Abstracts should include the hypothesis of the study, methods used, results, conclusions and future plans.
    • Physical posters should not exceed 48x36 in size.

Abstracts and a copy of your poster are due December 5th, 2023. 

Submit your MDSRS Abstract/Poster

Poster printing: There are various options for printing both on and off-campus. Located on the First Floor of the Thompson Library in Room 160 (OIT Computer Lab) you can print posters up to 48 X 36 on plain paper for $9.25 (entire poster, not per foot). Please note you will need a Buck-ID with money on it in order to print. There is a Buck-ID machine located in the lobby of the library that will provide temporary Buck-IDs for this purpose.  The Health Science Library's Medical Visuals Team provides poster printing services to researchers across the OSU campus. Information regarding Medical Visuals is available online, including printing costs a tutorial on How To Create a Poster and you should allow at least a week for printing.  Additional print services such as FedEx/Kinko’s are also available off-campus. Templates are above if you are having difficulty accessing NWC and Medical Visuals internal pages.