Current scholars working on projects funded by the Samuel J. Roessler Memorial Scholarship, Barnes & Bennett Memorial Scholarship, Watts Mount Community Scholarship or the College of Medicine Supplemental Scholarship should reach these requirements.

Current Research Scholars are expected to:

If there is a change to your project or an extension is necessary a change in project form must be submitted prior to the final report deadline

Resources for Current Scholars


MDSR Learning Modules

 Submit your 1-3 page summary and or outcome page including quiz scores with monthly MDSR checkpoints.  

1. All MDSR Scholars Complete longitudinal on-line learning below:

  • (create an account)
  • Complete the Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Clinical Research (IPPCR) Course by Aug. 1st, 2022 (it will close after that date)

 2. All Scholars select 4 categories to complete from the on-line learning modules from the 8 different categories listed below:

Science Communication

Grants/Grant Writing

Science Literacy

Data Management

Clinical Research Ethics

Conduct of Retrospective Chart Reviews with Scientific Rigor 

Clinical Trials

Biostatistics (can pick one or both learning modules)




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