Current scholars working on projects funded by the Samuel J. Roessler Memorial Scholarship, Barnes & Bennett Memorial Scholarship, Watts Mount Community Scholarship or the College of Medicine Supplemental Scholarship should reach these requirements.

Current Research Scholars are expected to:

  • Attend a Medical Student Research Orientation Session (check out our calendar of events page for upcoming dates)
  • Submit approved IRB or IACUC protocols or justification from the faculty mentor that such protocols are unnecessary for the funded project. Please check with the MDSR office to see find out protocol deadline.
  • Submit a final research report
  • Present a poster at the Annual Medical Student Research Symposium
  • An evaluation of the research experience
  • Submit an annual research productivity report

If there is a change to your project or an extension is necessary a change in project form must be submitted prior to the final report deadline

Resources for Current Scholars


MDSR Learning Modules

 Submit your 1–3-page summary and or outcome page including quiz scores with MDSR checkpoints and final report.  

1. All MDSR Scholars Complete longitudinal on-line learning below:

2. All Scholars select 4 categories to complete from the on-line learning modules from the 8 different categories listed below:

Science Communication

Grants/Grant Writing

Science Literacy

Data Management

Clinical Research Ethics

Conduct of Retrospective Chart Reviews with Scientific Rigor

Biostatistics (can pick one or both learning modules)

MDSR Laboratory Immunology 

  • This course is taught by Michael Root MD PhD, in the department of Microbial Infection and Immunity, modeling it after a course he teaches for Masters level students. In this course, students will work through an abbreviated viral transfection experiment that will be taught in real-time and Dr. Root will guide the students on analysis and interpretation of their data. Course limit 10 students. Intended for students who are in the laboratory setting. Submit an application here.