Executive Leadership


Carol Bradford, MD, FACS

Dean, The Ohio State University College of Medicine

Vice President for Health Sciences, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

Dr. Bradford, a head and neck cancer surgery and reconstruction specialist, became dean of the Ohio State College of Medicine in October 2020. She oversees more than 2,400 faculty members, 19 clinical departments, seven basic science departments and the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. She is also as the president of the American Academy of Otolaryngology— Head and Neck Surgery.

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Daniel Clinchot, MD

Vice Dean for Education

Dr. Clinchot oversees undergraduate and undergraduate medical education, continuing medical education and graduate and research education. He is regularly invited to speak on medical education innovations at professional conferences throughout the country.

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L. Arick Forrest, MD

Vice Dean for Clinical Affairs

Considered an international expert in voice and swallowing disorders, Dr. Forrest is vice dean of Clinical Affairs for The Ohio State University College of Medicine, medical director of Ambulatory Services for The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and president of The Ohio State University Physicians, Inc.

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Deborah Nichols Larsen, PhD, FAPTA, FASAHP

Associate Dean, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Larsen has a secondary educational scholarship and training focus on preparing professional students to work as interdisciplinary teams to provide healthcare services to at risk populations, living in poverty. This work is currently funded through the Medicaid Technical Assistance and Policy Program, for which she is the principal investigator for The Ohio State University, and is supporting training opportunities for professional students across the health sciences to facilitate team-based care for under-served populations.

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Peter Mohler, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer for The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center 
Vice Dean for Research

Mohler has received multiple awards, including being named a Pew Scholar, a Kavli Scholar of the National Academy of Sciences and an Outstanding Investigator of the American Heart Association. In 2015 he received the inaugural College of Medicine Distinguished Mentor Award. He serves on the Program Project Grant (PO1) Parent committee for the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute. Mohler was named an inaugural NIH National Heart Lung and Blood Institute Outstanding Investigator, one of only seven awardees in the cardiovascular sciences in the nation to ever receive this award.

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Associate Deans of Research


Rebecca Jackson, MD

Associate Dean for Clinical Translational Research

Associate Deans and Leaders of Education


Jennifer McCallister, MD

Associate Dean for Medical Education


Joanne Lynn, MD

Associate Dean for Student Life


Leon McDougle, MD, MPH

Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion
Chief Diversity Officer, Wexner Medical Center


Scott Holliday, MD

Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education


Jeffrey Parvin, MD, PhD

Associate Dean for Graduate Education


Ginny Bumgardner, MD, PhD

Associate Dean for Research Education


Demicha Rankin, MD

Associate Dean for Admissions

Associate Deans and Leaders of Academic Affairs


Tatiana Oberyszyn, PhD

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs


Phillip Binkley, MD

Center for FAME, Director

Department Chairs

Department Chairs

Centers, Institutes, Programs - Office of Health Sciences

Centers, Institutes, Programs - Office of Health Sciences

Administrative Leadership

Ryan Goerlitz
Associate Vice President of Finance, College of Medicine and OSU Physicians, Inc.

Wal Ozello
Director, Marketing and Strategic Communications, College of Medicine

Andrea Gintert
Associate Director, Human Resources, College of Medicine

Annelle Anderson
Associate director, Faculty Recruitment