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The Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) at Ohio State is designed to recruit, train and nurture physician scientists who will become leaders in the health professions. The program offers a flexible curriculum that provides rigorous training in the scientific method integrated with an exceptional clinical medical program.

The MSTP works very closely with our Core PhD Programs - Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program, Neuroscience Graduate Studies Program, and the Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program - to ensure a successful training experience. We also offer the option of pursuing a PhD in one of our many affiliate PhD programs. A current list of our graduate program partners can be found on the here.

This program allows students to complete the dual-degree requirements within an average of eight years. Students are recruited on the basis of outstanding scholastic and research achievement and demonstrated commitment to medicine. All students in the MSTP program receive full-financial support with an annual stipend, combined with paid tuition and fees.

Admission is highly selective and reserved for highly talented students who are committed to an academic career as a physician-scientist with a heavy involvement in research.

If you are such a person, we recommend that you consider applying for this program. Although it’s very challenging, the opportunities for learning and studying with internationally recognized scientists will make the educational effort and your future career extremely rewarding.

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“The students and faculty were genuinely enthusiastic and friendly to me. I can envision myself a member of the ‘Buckeye Family.’ OSU is an amazing medical school that can provide me with an immeasurable amount of opportunities for self-growth and mentorship.”


Current Student of the MD program