Interview Evaluation

The Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) Admissions and Selection Committee will conduct a preliminary evaluation of each candidate’s application materials in accordance with competitive admission standards. Applicants selected by the committee for an interview will be contacted by the MSTP office, and an interview will be arranged for one of the interview sessions. During this visitation, the applicant will meet with MSTP students and representatives of the admissions committee from the medical school, MSTP and the graduate program of choice. The Medical Scientist Training Program and the college’s admissions office will notify candidates who are selected for admission.

Outline of Interview Schedule

Each virtual interview session will occur on a Wednesday: Sept. 16 (W), Oct. 21 (W), Dec. 2 (W), and Jan. 13 (W).


  • 2 faculty interviews
    • College of Medicine interview
    • PhD program faculty interview
  • 2 current student interviews
  • Student Q&A session (includes representation from our Office for Diversity and Inclusion)
  • MSTP Leadership Q&A session
  • Brief interview with MSTP Program Director and Associate Director

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